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Automatic Fire

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Concert Review at the Borgata Music Box (Show with Jet)"

Next up was Automatic Fire. Their website says they are from Philthadelphia. Actually, they are comprised of two long-time favorite Philadelphia bands — Silvertide and Pepper’s Ghost. This combination has a driving rhythm section, searing guitar and vocalist with a wide range. When asked why they didn’t include Failed Parachute in the set, they replied, “We just couldn’t work it in with our live sound.” Their live sound is tight and hard. The drummer, Brian Kilian, spent the last five years playing country music in Nashville, but you could never tell. Together with his friend from high school on bass, Brian Weaver, they were a driving force in every song. The guitarist, Rob Bennett, was in Pepper’s Ghost. His on stage presence reminds you of a young Jimmy Page. Add to this mix a lead singer, Walt Lafty, with a effervescent personality and it is like a champagne bottle popping its cork. In fact, at one point in the show, Walt went over and poured his beer on to the snare drum. It looked great from the seats. (Biran Kilian later told me it was a bit sticky on stage. “Luckily, there is a backstage shower.”) Their set included Whipping Boy, When Are You Going to Wake Up, Push, Snitches, Pipe Bomb, What Are You Made Of?, and Take Me Away. Their MySpace credits read as follows:
Walt Lafty (Vocals/stage leaping)
Evil Rob (Guitars/noises and all around sound guru/Backing Vocals)
Brian Weaver aka BMW (Bass/low end manipulation/groove maker)
Brian Kilian (Drums/percussion /groove maker)

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"Fazer Magazine review of our first EP"

Automatic Fire EP Review

By Zeke

AUTOMATIC FIRE is one of the coolest new/old bands I have heard in a long time. I took this assignment because I listened to them on Myspace and thought they were very good. Then I find out that half the band is from Silvertide. I really like that band and always wanted to know what happened to them. They seemed to have just kinda disappeared. Well, there are some legal issues which are still pending, so there isn’t any more information available.

Then sometimes, when one door closes, another opens. The Universe usually has a plan. That plan is AUTOMATIC FIRE. This Philadelphia four-piece is fronted by Walt Lafty on vocals, who after some time off from the ‘music biz’ decided to get back together with long-time compatriot and Silvertide bassist Brian Weaver. They then went on to recruit Pepper’s Ghost guitarist Evil Rob and the line-up was completed by drummer Brian Kilian who had been playing the field in the Nashville area.

From the first track on this four-song EP ‘What Are You Made Of’ there is an intensity, a refined rawness that gets you dancing in your seat and wanting for more. You can tell that there is higher level of comfort in this band. Walt says, “We have been playing together for about 10 years but not officially as Automatic Fire until 9 months ago.” Self described as “Alt-rock-punk, at least live at this point.” Recorded they are, to me, a kick-ass rock band. “Whipping Boy” takes it up another notch. Driven by a big bottom end and angry eloquent lyrics, chunky nasty guitar and booming drums, it’s my favourite tune on this little gem. “Push” and “Failed Parachute” carry on the precedent set and have an almost retro feel, with cool vocals and tasty guitar licks.

With out twenty shows under their belt, they started opening for Jet and Cruefest 2, by playing side stage. That, I believe, needs no explanation. They are playing In New York NY on Tuesday September 22nd and in Rehoboth Beach DE on October 2nd. I’m hoping they decide to make their way to The Great White North soon.

This is a great EP with tight grooves and hook laden melodies, that seem to pay homage to their influences, but with that little extra attitude that makes it their own, contemporary and relevant. Keep your ears open. You’ll be hearing more about these guys soon, and I look forward to the next installment.

I’ve said my piece, now you be the judge. - ( Zeke )

"Video interview with" - Sami Jarroush


"The EP" is available on iTunes and through our online store :



Automatic Fire are a 4 piece Alt-Rock band hailing from Philadelphia. Automatic Fire's first two shows were sold out due to the buzz on the band before they even took the stage. Automatic Fire have moved on to opening for National Acts , a self released EP and an evolving sound that cuts and drives with bits of rock, electronic, alternative and modern influences.