Automatic, I Am

Automatic, I Am

 Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA

Automatic, I Am is a band of 5 immensely talented teens from Oklahoma who are set out to have a good time and bring along as many people as possible. Their unique blend of pop/rock roots fused with a number of genres combines to create a sound not easily mimicked. Automatic, I Am has performed at a number of venues in and out of state entertaining crowds with raging guitar riffs, poppy beats, and catchy melodies. AIA will leave you singing, dancing, and yelling along in no time.


Automatic, I Am is a pop/rock band from Muskogee Oklahoma. Coming from a small town though has not held them back. They have played many shows in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas as well as shows out of state. They have recorded with many different producers around the area but recently recorded A Lover's Dream in Dallas with the same studio bands like Artist Vs Poet have recorded at. AIA tries to play any shows they can. They are set on putting on a great live show and connecting with as many people as possible.


A Lover's Dream (Single 2011)

Set List

A Lover's Dream (Original)
Eighteen (Original)
Raise Your Glass (Cover)
New untitled song (Original)