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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Song Of The Day"

"This is what good music is!" -- review after "Never The Same" was named "Song Of The Day" -

"NY Rock"

"An admirable job... Quality that makes me think they might be onto something. Keep at it guys!" - Bill Ribas


"Automatic Slim's latest CD makes no excuses and travels at the speed of rock with a pseudo-psychedelic knack for pure rock-n-roll... New York City's Automatic Slim will be rockin' it for quite some time and I suggest keeping an eye open for these guys." - J-Sin

"All Music Guide"

"Post-grunge hard rock... A unique chemistry." - Bradley Torreano

"CD Baby"

"Fast, clear, original and very nice to hear. Many thanks from a Jimi Hendrix fan!" - Alain Oddou


"This band can play, has a vibe and has a story. Cool stuff stylistically, almost has a Jane’s Addiction vibe." - Independent A&R Company

"Richmond Times-Dispatch"

“Gelu Sulugiuc pays tribute to his guitar gods as the frontman for Automatic Slim. Is this a great country or what?” - Pete Humes

"Las Vegas City Life"

“Gelu Sulugiuc is a testament to the power of a Marshall stack. The slow and chunky “Never The Same” is a hit – think Queens of the Stone Age after a handful of downers.” - Jeff Inman

"Style Weekly"

“Sulugiuc pumps out fast, precise rock while allowing plenty of space for his voice to carry the tune.” - Brandon Reynolds

"New University"

“The CD 'Daisy Cutter' displays the band’s blues-influenced rock ranging from Queens of the Stone Age to Neil Young.” - Julian Camillieri, University of California-Irvine


"Daisy Cutter" - LP - May 2002
"Automatic Slim" - EP - Sept. 2002
"Drag" - EP - Nov. 2003
Jimi Hendrix compilation - released in Romania fall 2005
College airplay: "Never The Same" from the "Automatic Slim" EP, rearranged for the "Drag" EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Gelu Sulugiuc – Guitar, Vocals

Originally from Romania, Gelu never listened to rock music as a kid because the country’s Communist government had banned it. After the 1989 revolution freed the country, rock n’ roll took Romania by storm, and Gelu was so impressed with the likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Metallica that he learned English so he could understand his idols’ lyrics.

Gelu moved to New York in 2000 to start a band with a college friend who shared his love of classic rock and blues and took the name Automatic Slim from the Howlin Wolf song Wang Dang Doodle. While the friend quit soon thereafter and the band went through several personnel changes, Gelu persevered and forged Automatic Slim’s haunting and powerful modern sound reminiscent of Alice in Chains, Queens Of The Stone Age and Jane's Addiction. The band's shows are an eruption of energy, as a punchy rhythm section combines with guitars that switch from driving to atmospheric. Gelu's distinctive and melodic voice tackles social, political as well as personal subjects.

Automatic Slim released the self-produced album Daisy Cutter in 2002. Several EPs and compilations followed, the most recent being a collection of Jimi Hendrix covers done by Romanian guitarists to be released in Romania this fall.

Automatic Slim toured the United States in Feb/March 2005, playing colleges and clubs from New York to California and back through the South. The tour was a success -- the band received great press reviews and sold out its supply of merchandise.

Greta Brinkman – Bass, Backing Vocals

Greta is the newest member of the band, contributing considerable touring experience and versatility. Greta toured the world for years with Moby in support of his Play and 18 albums.

Before that, Greta recorded and toured with Debbie Harry, L7, The Nuns and Pigface. She signed endorsements with Gallien-Krueger, GHS and Carvin and has been featured several times in Bass Player magazine.

Nelson Pla – Drums, Backing Vocals

A punchy drummer with a Deftones/A Perfect Circle feel who also sings haunting backing vocals, Nelson joined Automatic Slim in late 2002 after recording and touring with BarNone recording artist Mad Happy. Before that he played percussion for Tracy Bonham and fronted his own band Lazarus Effect on the nationally released CD System.