Seattle, Washington, USA

To define Autonomous as simply a "Modern Rock" band would be an understatement. Keyboard driven rock with a taste for Latin, R&B, Reggae and Jazz culminate into something deeper than the label suggests. They certainly do rock, though.


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Autonomous is the sum of emotion, intensity, and talent. Having originally formed 3000 miles away on the east coast, this popular Seattle based band has traveled a long way to get where they are. The band has performed in or with bands like Vertical Horizon, Cracker, Hootie and the Blowfish, Edwin McCain, Wide Spread Panic, Rehab, and many more, honing their skills over years of touring all over the US.

Autonomous is often compared to: David Bowie, The Dead Weather, Radio Head, NIN, The Police, Talking Heads, Crowded House, RATM etc. It's a schizophrenic list, but those bands and Autonomous all have at least one thing in common - Pop sensibility mixed with it's a lack of respect for the status quo.

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"No One's Listening" (dec. 2005)
"Live In Seattle" (Sept. 2009)

*New album currently in production to be released this year*

Set List

Our set list can include:


Receive & Transmit
No One's Listening
Old Story
So Long
The River
Will You Ever
Little Citizen
Saving Grace
All You Hear Is Yes
Pick Me Up
Come On Luck

Covers (just a sample):

Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve)
Kiss Off (Violent Femmes)
Where It's At (Beck)
Jane Says (Jane's Addiction)
Vasoline (Stone Temple Pilots)
Aeroplane (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
Take a Picture (Fliter)
Whatcha Want (Beastie Boys)
Zero (Smashing Pumpkins)