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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Beat FM Review"

“autopilot bring back the essence of what real rock n’ roll is all about-great songs played by great musicians. The most impressive act I’ve heard in a long time, both on disc and in a live setting-pure class!” - Beat FM

"Hotpress Garageland Review"

“autopilot are a mixture of all that is great regarding 1970’s Rock. Their general attitude & professionalism makes for an extraordinary live treat – they are without a doubt the loudest, hardest rockin’ band on Planet Earth with a wide a range of great tunes to back it up” - Hotpress Garageland Gigs

"South Dublin FM Review"

“Great Musicians, great songs, great band – definitely an act to watch out for!” - South Dublin FM

"China Doll Music Review"

“autopilot have recorded a demo which has returned this listener to the glory day’s of 1970’s rock n’ roll – a real hidden gem” - China Doll Music Productions

"autopilot gig review"

I had the privilege of strolling into "The Buzz Bar" in Carlow town late last Friday night 14th April to review their once monthly rock night. Upon entering, I was informed that there was a €5 cover charge due to the fact that the originals group scheduled to play at 11.30pm had apparently arrived from Dublin.
I had walked through the hall proceeding from the main entrance to the bar itself expecting to see 4 snotty-nosed kids ripping off 2nd rate Green Day & Nirvana tunes. What I had found was the furthest thing from this foolish initial perception.

I have been to and reviewed countless original rock nights where each band plays no more 40 minutes and of whose crowd are full of friends, well wishers & general friends of friends. Again, my initial thoughts were proved to be a million miles from what I was about to encounter.
At 11.30pm sharp, 3 young men took to the stage under the guise of "autopilot". I have not witnessed such an original brand of rock music coming from these shores since Bono et al initially set the world to rites.

The best description which best suits these young men would be a mix between the vintage years of Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, The Doors & Led Zeppelin.
Not only did I feast on roughly 18-20 original tracks, my ears were treated mid-set to a 10 minute drum solo which brought me back to the days when a young John Bonham tore holes in his toughest Pearl skins. Pure improv, Pure adrenalin & Pure class. This young man could single handedly open the gates to Valhalla.

6 tracks stood out like Marilyn Manson at a Cliff Richard concert. "Call N' Response" has the classic quick pop guitar hooks of both Nirvana & Stone Temple Pilots, "Catch 22" is best described as a mix between Guns N' Roses & Pink Floyd at both their peeks, "Shot Down" is pure 70's rock-all AC-DC with all of the sleaze, "My Favourite Mistake" is 100% pure blues rock-Cream meets Rory Gallagher & "Bite The Hand That Feeds" is a song built for this rhythm section from hell. However, it was their closing track that totally made the hairs on my neck stand on end. This track "Voices" is simply extraordinary. Starting with a beautiful guitar & vocal intro, this track builds to 6 minutes of absolute class where drums, bass & guitars explode to an amazing crescendo.

What this band was doing playing in the depths of Carlow may baffle those who may have the pleasure of hearing them there again. One thing is for certain, this is merely a stepping stone.
Miss this band at your peril, they mean business.

- Leinster Leader Music Review


White Rites E.P
My Favourite Mistake E.P


Feeling a bit camera shy


3 Arrests & 1 Deportation, just a 2 week road trip in the life of this 3-piece originals rock band. This band are the real deal - FACT.
Controversy? Yes. Absolutely Crackin' Tunes? Definitely!

Having formed as a 4 piece in late 2004, autopilot quickly became renowned for their no nonsense, raunchy brand of rock n roll which they performed throughout various venues in their home city of Dublin. Already well known for their dedicated hard hitting live performances, the band decided to slim down to a threesome in June 2005.

With this change, came the decision to spend the next 3 months confined to the rehearsal studio writing, rehearsing & re-defining their sound. autopilot re-emerged in October 2005 and quickly gained themselves a loyal substantial following.
The band live to play live and have become firm favourites with many of Dublin’s promoters & venues alike & have gained a reputation as a not to be missed live act.

The band have just finished recording their White Rites E.P. Combining such influences as Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, AC-DC, the Sex Pistols & the Rolling Stones, the band have managed to record 3 tracks which best give the listener an indication as to what autopilot are about. Call N’ Response, Shot Down and Bite The Hand That Feeds showcase the bands brand of 1970’s influenced hard rock. Having already gained airplay throughout Dublin, autopilot are currently busy writing material for an onslaught of summer gigs.
Miss this band live at your peril, they mean business.