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"Autoramas - Brazilian Fire"

The Brazilian capital reach these rockers with their punk / surf / rock explosive. Autoramas, considered the most important rock band of Brazil, has exceeded expectations of thousands of fans throughout Brazil. After this fever that has also come to Japan, Autoramas preparing to conquer Portugal and Europe. And nobody stop Autoramas! - Mauamor - Underworld Magazine (Portugal)

"A bit of pop music, rock & roll, two boys one girl. The Brazilian Autoramas of what is simple and the results rather than interesting!"

The concert July 24th, in the Special left a very good impression in public, live with their attack, a mixture of powerpor, new wave and surfmusic (with lyrics in Portuguese and English) or instrumental music. The versatility of Autoramas is the result of the crossing of Gabriel Thomaz (guitarrist, composer and vocalist) and group. The mixture combines in his music since B52's a Devo, and some surfmusic the Man or Astroman. - Sylvie Piccolotto - Cosa Savaje Magazine - Argentina

"Nothing can stop the Autoramas"

The CD marks the exit of the trio Rio making "rock to dance" of the giant Universal for an independent record label, of Goiania.

To read more, visit: - José Flávio Junior - Playboy Magazine - Brazil

"Autoramas to success"

The trio brasiliense Autoramas finally brought the public its new disc, Teletransporte. With the previous album, Nada Pode Para os Autoramas, the band of surf-punk-young-emos guard traveled more places in the country than any other independent artist can count on the fingers of its former members, and the new journey begins this Saturday, 19/maio in the SESC Pompéia, in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Then, on the same night, the band plays at the night club house called Inferno (Hell) for the fans and press. History does not count for lack: they have just come back from a tour of 11 concerts in Europe.

To read more, visit: - Jaime Biaggio - Bizz Magazine - Brazil

"Autoramas in straight of arrival"

Invited to play in the potiguar's festival - Mada, the Autoramas were escorted by the protection of the civil guard, from Natal to the capital of Ceará, Fortaleza. Today the trio resident in Rio de Janeiro is the first and so awaited show in Fortaleza.

Being one of the strongest representatives of the first time of the brazilian independent rock scene, certainly the Autoramas will be accompanied with choir when they start to play hits like "Fale Mal De Mim".

After two weeks of concerts in the southern region of Brazil, they see an agenda blended almost two years after the release of the last album.

To read more, visit: - Thaís Aragão - O Povo Newspaper - Brazil

"Best Brazilian rock release of the last times"


We talked about personality, and here's an example. The trio reached the ten years of his career with work more cohesive. In settling in pop song and timbres accurate for the retro-futuristic aesthetic, the universe I surf-music-young guard reaches the perfection following. With the song "300 km / h", "Marketeiro" and "Hotel Cervantes" added the voice of bassist Selma Vieira and partnerships to Gabriel Thomaz (guitarist, composer and vocalist) with Bacalhau (drummer) the band has never been mature.

To read more, visit: - Folha de São Paulo Newspaper - Brazil

"A mixture of rhythms"

Banda Autoramas brings to the SESC mixture of Surf Music of the 60's with New Wave of the 80's, and influences of the especial brazilian music called Jovem Guarda.

Winner of three categories of VMB (Video Music Brazil) in 2005, the band Autoramas, led by Gabriel Thomaz (guitarist, composer and vocalist), promises to make a presentation full of rock and roll tonight.

With an average of 100 concerts a year, the Autoramas won three awards in 2005: Best Independent Video Clip, Best Edition and Best Direction.

To read more, visit: - Josi Vicentin - Bom Dia Bauru Newspaper - Brazil

"The best of Brazilian music presented by Jungle Drums Magazine"

Where is it our best music? The Jungle Drums magazine choose the five best artists of Brazilian music today.

It will be inevitable. From 30 years, the fans of music will be rediscovering and get influencing by the classics today. But what are they? If you payied attention, may have noticed that the Brazilian music pass trough a long time by a warm phase, without big news. Artists plaing old music again and they fed the old approaches as ever. Have you not heard this before?

But now that, in recent years, it has been possible to perceive something in the air. New bands, new composers and new ideas emerge, ready to create a new movement with creative initiatives and animation to wake a dormant MPB, without fear of the news.

Gradually spreads out this idea, and whether to create open spaces in Brazil, and not only there. In real time, it has been possible to monitor the world much of what happens in the country. Artists have new opportunity to travel, discs are launched abroad, the Internet reduces all distances.

Indeed, what happens in the Brazilian music scene today is not a movement, as was the Tropicalismo or Bossa Nova, but gradually takes shape of a community based on mutual admiration and exchanges of ideas.

To show you everything that has happened, the Jungle artists chose the five most representative of this new generation get you say you have to meet. And to be able to finally answer the question: where to walk that spirit of adventure as the music itself.

Formed from the ashes of the Little Quail and the Mad Birds, band of modest success in the Brazilian radios in the 90, the trio came up with Autoramas impact on the alternative scene. For the first time a band of contemporary rock mingled so well and with so much energy new wave, rock and surf music, with songs, dance mixture with good and intelligent lyrics - about love, hate and megalomania. Three albums and many concerts later, the band only improves and is preparing for two concerts in London, 12 and July 13.

Para ler mais, acesse: - Ronaldo Evangelista - Jungle Drums Magazine - Brazil


Stress, Depressão e Síndrome do Pânico - 2000 - Brazil
Vida Real - 2001 - Brazil
Full Speed Ahead - 2002 - Japan
Nada Pode Parar os Autoramas - 2003 - Brazil
RRRRRRock - 2005 - Brazil
Double Trouble - 2006 - Argentina
Mucho Gusto Autoramas - 2007 - Argentina
Autoramas Green Machine - 2007 - Portugal
Teletransporte - 2007 - Brazil



The Autoramas began in 1997 when Gabriel Thomaz (guitarist and vocalist), after the end of your old band Little Quail & The Mad Birds, moved to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and, along with friends Bacalhau (drummer) and Simone (bass) , started to make a sound baptized as "Rock for Dancing" - a mixture of Surf Music of the 60's, New Wave of the 80, with influences of the a brazilian stile called Jovem Guarda (Young Gard) and energy of Punk Rock. Since than, they started a full career of disks and tours.

The beginning of everything was with the CD “Stress, Depressão e Síndrome do Pânico” (Stress, Depression and Syndrome of Panic), with the successes "Fale Mal de Mim," and "Carinha Triste". A tour of the album travelled throughout all the country (Brazil) from north to south including the important presentation at Rock In Rio III.

The second CD of Autoramas, entitled “Vida Real” (Real Life) was launched at the end of 2001. After a new tour in Brazil, playing in 11 states, the trio went to Japan for a series of concerts with the local band Guitar Wolf.

The year 2003 marked the launch of the third disc called “Nada Pode Parar os Autoramas” (Nothing Can Stop the Autoramas) and 2004, other international tours, with a new bassist Selma Vieira.

The video clip of the song "Você Sabe” (You Know) was the champion in the VMB (Vídeo Music Brazilian Awards) at 2005, winning in three categories and making the Autoramas the band more rewarded this year. In 2006 came the first tour Europe crossing England and Portugal.

Release of “Teletransporte” (Teleport)

2007 was a good year wich marked the Autoramas at the greatest music scene. In addition to a new tour Europe now by Portugal, Holland, Spain and Belgium, the trio arrives with new album and new record: “Teletransporte” - in stores by Mondo 77 since May - was produced by renowned Kassin and Berne.
Teletransporte was recorded in Rio de Janeiro in Studio Monoaural, with more time and calm. The result is a major step in the career of the band: a disc more heterogeneous, daring, with more sophisticated arrangements and more studios resources. But don’t worry because it is a disc of Autoramas, always full of rock!!