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"Guitar-driven melodies sure to be the city's next big noise"

"...wherever this conveyor belt of talent is coming from, let's keep our fingers crossed it keeps moving....another fine emerging Edinburgh band - the explosively exciting Autosafari - demonstrated why they'll be one to watch this year. A charismatic bunch sporting scruffy, black T-shirts, their tight-as-a-pin-cushion rhythms and compact grungy sound conjured up comparisons with those other great influential rock trios, Nirvana and Husker Du.

They like to throw themselves about the stage a bit, although they can't be short of a bob or two, throwing their bass guitars to the ground at the end of an intense, yet thoroughly enjoyable set. The fact those in the audience who had never seen them before clapped loudly and enthusiastically told its own story." - Scotsman/Edinburgh Evening News


The basic blusey guitar riff that opens 'Comet' is unpromising but as we get going and the band namechecks Che and Nostradamus in rhyme, suddenly things are looking up a little. However, b-side 'Red Inversion' is comparatively a revelation - still basic but more contemplative at its start, like a heavy-handed Radiohead. Dramatically, it suddenly speeds up, with a nice falsetto a touch of the Husker Dus, plus cunning use of 'ology' unheard of since the Pistols covered the Stooges. All that and a top chorus - more of this please. - Is This Music?

"I'm really digging their single!"

"Reminds me of a cross between the Dead Kennedys and the Pixies - I'm really digging their single!" - Jim Gellatly, XFM


Drawing on the classic blueprint laid down by so many legendary hard-rocking outfits down the years, Comet is a real attention grabber.

Fuelled by a discontent with advertising, the X-Factor culture and the erosion of civil liberties, Autosafari blast out of the starting blocks in a blur of crunching guitars, pounding bass and blistering drums. Shades of Rush, Interpol, Husker Du and REM combine on the angry yet supremely sophisticated Comet, with bassist Ewan Allan's Neil Young-style vocals a highlight.

Flip-side Red Inversion opens like Radiohead's Creep then morphs into a swirling, blustering epic. Clocking in at nearly six minutes, the extended stompalong makes like The Hold Steady before a bombastic close that The Foo Fighters would be proud of.

The band played in Perth recently at the Twa Tams, and on this form bigger venues surely beckon in the near future. - Perthshire Advertiser


Autosafari's above words [see biog] show how they are an outspoken band set on sharing political opinions through their music. But to be honest, their catchy rock songs are powerful enough to stand up for themselves. With a fair few gigs lined up in the future, Autosafari are a must see this winter.

The Ark is not one of Edinburgh's well-known venues, but it provides a friendly aura to accompany tonight's acts. As Autosafari enters the stage, the majority of people seem to be lingering behind at the bar, but it doesn't take the band long to pull the crowd forward. All political obscenity behind, Autosafari create hard rock songs with really potent guitar riffs and blazing vocals. On stage, there is a buzz between the members, showing off a shared passion for the music and the cause.

With previous support slots to Bombay Bicycle Club, Autosafari are a band that could potentially be something special. Their songs have meaning and evidently the band enjoy playing them to an audience. Autosafari's tunes are a rare delight, a band very difficult to tire of. Single 'Comet' is available to buy, or alternatively, pick up your free copy at an upcoming Autosafari live gig. -


I love this. These guys look and sound angry: late 60's psych/garage is the starting point but with a dose of early REM thrown in. Ace. - Rhythm Magazine


1 single, Comet, played on XFM Scotland, double A-side Come Back Single/Birthday due for release on April 27th 2009. Birthday played on Jim Gellatly's New Music podcast (no.23) available on iTunes/Radio Magnetic



Having received glowing reviews and national airplay for debut single Comet, Edinburgh's AUTOSAFARI is about to back up that opening salvo with double A-side release, Come Back Single/Birthday.

The band has forged a reputation as a blistering live act, blazing a trail across the UK, blowing away audiences and headline acts alike. AUTOSAFARI plays with a passion and commitment unmatched amongst peers, fuelled by anger and disillusionment.

This is a world of nuclear arsenals, climate change, celebrity media and eroding freedoms. A time of corporate criminals, greed and destruction. Of anger, despair, broken hearts and shattered dreams.

It's a world that we have all created.

AUTOSAFARI believes it is time to plug in, turn up, hit hard, shout/scream/sing and create a new one.

The band would like you to join in.