AUTOSAFARI mixes crunching Guitar and pounding Bass with blistering Drums to create explosive, driving songs that let the world know how pissed off AUTOSAFARI is about the state of things.


Having received glowing reviews and national airplay for debut single Comet, Edinburgh's AUTOSAFARI is about to back up that opening salvo with double A-side release, Come Back Single/Birthday.

The band has forged a reputation as a blistering live act, blazing a trail across the UK, blowing away audiences and headline acts alike. AUTOSAFARI plays with a passion and commitment unmatched amongst peers, fuelled by anger and disillusionment.

This is a world of nuclear arsenals, climate change, celebrity media and eroding freedoms. A time of corporate criminals, greed and destruction. Of anger, despair, broken hearts and shattered dreams.

It's a world that we have all created.

AUTOSAFARI believes it is time to plug in, turn up, hit hard, shout/scream/sing and create a new one.

The band would like you to join in.


1 single, Comet, played on XFM Scotland, double A-side Come Back Single/Birthday due for release on April 27th 2009. Birthday played on Jim Gellatly's New Music podcast (no.23) available on iTunes/Radio Magnetic

Set List

Typical set list for approx 35 min set: Comet, Candy Apple Whispers, Chosen Tribe, Worn, Birthday, Safe Somehow, Red Inversion.