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"Auto Switch was definitely in the ON position"

With a flip of the Auto Switch, the power and energy were pounding through the wires and blasting out the speakers. Opening with “I Will” Scott Rocker jumps off the drums and into the guitar riff and his stage persona ... Something electric this way comes, and notice is given, this band will rock.

Dr. Ramsey takes over lead vocals on “Get Mine” and the pure rock’n’roll groove experienced live let’s you fall into the rhythm. Potentially a solid hit.

“Don’t Look Down” has some smoking drums provided courtesy Scotty Sexx and Howie Humaneck beats down that bass in the low slung gunslinger “thrash metal” fashion. Scott Rocker has put aside the guitar to once again charismatically front while Howie and the good Dr. have some blazing loud guitar work here reminding you this is a rock show.

“Fight Me Some More” has a great intro driven by Scotty Sexxs’ stellar stick work on the skins, Dr. Ramsey gets ya feelin well with his guitar solo, Howie Humaneck fingers that bass quickr’n dog scratchin at fleas and when it seamlessly slips into, or this that out of, the Doors “L. A. Woman”, maybe Scott let’s Jim live just a little. This song kicks ass, period.

“Space Cookie” has the contrasting raw and rough guitar work of Scott Rocker set against the crisp and pure notes from Dr. Ramsey and cooks from the rhythm of Scotty Sexx and Howie Humaneck.

“My Life” is a good song “about life going by fast, losing time exponentially”.

“Surf Lessons” starts out as a radio friendly song about girls and the Dr.s guitar work is pretty sweet, then transformation is felt from the reverberations of Howie's deep bass into Scotty Sexx going solo. And big time arena rock drum solo it is!! Feels great to feel the music.

You may have missed it once but you can certainly catch them again tonight, Sept 21st, at the Royal starting around 11PM.

This is not your average bar band, they will entertain you with their live performance!!! Check out their myspace site at . - ALBUM GROOVE WITH FRASER WAREHAM - The Moose Jaw Times Herald


full length ready by spring


Feeling a bit camera shy


Auto Switch is poised to tear up the scene this year with the upcoming release of their debut album. The genre bending newcomers have a flair for writing cool melodies and great riffs, regardless of the style each song leads them through. From hard rock, to soft rock, to indie, to metal, Auto Switch covers the gambit, winning fans from all generations.

They literally have the eyes of a city on them since the local TV series “A New Rock Reality” started chronicling their struggles for the Vancouver cable company Novus. Struggles might not be the right word; the band has a talented base of seasoned musicians at the core of its origin. Scott Rocker is one of the two lead singers and a self-proclaimed bi-polar front man. The sometimes erratic, all the time entertaining Rocker was the original singer in the group Village Idiot that later changed it’s name to Nickelback and also hails from the flat lands of Hanna AB.

“Surprisingly, quitting that group wasn’t the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s right up there.” admits Rocker who isn’t afraid to name drop to make people listen. “I’ve spent 8 years hiding the fact that I played with the guys in Nickelback, I still feel cheesy when I’m introduced as such. But hiding that has gotten me nowhere. If it makes people take that first listen, so be it.”

Meet the ying to Scott Rocker's yang Dr. Ramsey. The bands main songwriter is a calm, cool and collected research scientist with a PhD from the University of Alberta. Dr. Ramsey has played music all his life with memorable stints in Terrene, 70 Sunshine Divine and North West Passage. The Dr. has traded his life as a scientist to rock for the masses. “It’s kinda weird with the TV show thing going on, I feel like I’m under the microscope now. But we’ve worked really hard to create this world for ourselves, so we’re gonna play it to it the max.”

Pieced together as a trio, the live Auto Switch manages to transfer the multi-instrument studio recordings to a tight, larger than life stage sound held together by sound engineer Don Kurek. As the late Miles Davis' live sound mixer and tour manager, Kurek understands first hand how to create a vibe and an emotion with sound. "Although it's not the type of music I'm generally familiar with, these boys have a sound and an energy that is inspiring... And they've gotten me into road band mixing again! Go see them play, you'll likely find me twisting the knobs."

As timing has it, long time friend and Vancouver drum phenom Scotty Sexx, is starting fresh after his recent split with Bif Naked and is backing the band with his incredible power and animated style. “I’ve been friends with these guys for years and I’ve played in many different lineups with Scott Rocker. Timing is everything… and right now, it’s time to hit the Auto Switch!”