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AutoVaughn is the cream-in-the-coffee, the gem-in-the-donut of indie rock. - Hostage Radio

AutoVaughn plays indie rock with a little more shimmer than the bands we’re used to -
slightly smoother vocals and a vague '80s glow that makes them quite the guilty pleasure. - Out The Other

AutoVaughn - Music City's "most likely to succeed" according to many of the clubs and
agents lurking around the saturated wasteland of dime-a-dozen has-beens and never-will-
be’s. These guys should prove to be one of the very few success stories coming out of
Nashville with that signature indie rock sound and the talent to pull it off long-term.
- Maroon and White Magazine

What? This band isn’t signed yet? Radio-ready, polished, charismatic, mesmerizing, the total package. If you like Snow Patrol, Coldplay or Puddle of Mud, you’ll love this band. - On Tap Magazine

Watch out for these Nashville kids! - Denver Post

AutoVaughn Delivers a Stunning Performance, and Raises the Bar for Nashville's Alternative Rock Scene

On Friday night, February 15, to say that AutoVaughn "rocked" merely scratches the surface in describing the high level of energetic, guitar-driven, alternative rock delivered by this talented quartet. To be sure, AutoVaughn's Exit/In performance promises to be one of the best in Nashville for 2008. Indeed, what began as a quirky white-shoes wearing clean-cut indie pop quartet back in 2004 has evolved into a gritty (Brit-sounding) heavy-hitting alternative rock band that has risen to the top of the Nashville heap of possible break-out bands.

Those of us who were teenagers during the mid 1980's will recognize AutoVaughn's influences, as they weave together some of the best of 80's era alternative rock, and make it their own with driving guitars and dynamic vocals. Indeed, Darren Edwards' powerful vocals recall the fist-pumping energy of The Alarm's "68 Guns," while his instinct for melody draws from the irresistible hooks of Corey Hart ("Sunglasses at Night"). Add the political awareness of early Bono and the punk edge of Billie Joe Armstrong and you've got Darren Edwards— the vocal force of AutoVaughn (see photo).

Guitarist Stephen Wilson is a shredder, and he's taken The Edge's technique and penchant for effects-laden riffs, and turned it up a few notches. Indeed, any guitarist who wraps duct tape around the upper horn of his Strat must be a bad-ass—oh yeah, he is. Wilson's playing is what you might get if The Edge attended a Van Halen rock 'n' roll camp for a week (see photo). His pick speed on the set-ending, ten-minute version of "Hell of a Place" put the audience in a frenzy. Stephen Wilson is my new favorite Nashville guitarist—the man is intense.

But it's not just Edwards and Wilson. Each member of AutoVaughn contributes to the glorious whole. Bassist Benjamin Blake (see photo) and drummer Andrew Grooms are a tight, heavy-hitting rhythm section. As a whole, this talented quartet is raising the bar for Nashville's indie alternative rock scene. There are easily a couple hundred outstanding acts in Nashville alone, many of whom I've seen live and reviewed on this site. But AutoVaughn's live show sets them apart from the crowd. If you missed the Exit/In show, the good news is that AutoVaughn's anxiously awaited EP will drop in about 30 days, followed by a slew of concert dates. If you have not seen AutoVaughn live, do not miss your chance in the next few months as they tour in support of the new EP. I'm betting AutoVaughn will become your new favorite band - Vincent Wynne

AutoVaughn posess some very English-sounding chirpy pop harmonies that would go down perfectly at next year's festivals. They come across like Editors with a little less of Ian Curtis' Salford groan and a bit more Southern grit, or The Killers if they hadn't disappeared up Bruce Springsteen's arse. It's a fair bet that this gang will be flown over to their spiritual home here in the UK to win you over next year. - NME Magazine

Named one of the top 5 bands to watch for 2008. - Nylon Magazine

The Cycles is easily one of those mini-albums you'll listen to from start to finish (Yes, with the "repeat all" function on.) ... I wager there will be few still bodies at AutoVaughn concerts during these numbers!
... AutoVaughn has solidified their characteristic sound (e.g. winding and ethereal guitar riffs and echoes, karaoke-worthy vocal lines, and well-tailored—Haydnesque even—thematic design). - Michael Vine -

Every song flows seamlessly to the next, from the throbbing entrance of “Intertia” to politically- and ethically-conscious songs like “Missing Something” (seems to be about the misfortunes of war) and “Our Confidence” (a proclamation of falling confidence in the way we live). All six songs on the EP are tightly written, blending a pulsating bassline with complimentary drums and fiery guitar. These four dudes, originally from parts of Ohio and Indiana, are going to be huge – and you read it here first. - Colleen Griffiths


2006 - Album Title: Space - Radio play - "Rock Your Body", "One More Time", "Stay Another Night". Charted on CMJ's Top 200 for over 6 weeks.
2008: Album Title: The Cycles - Spent it's debut week in the top 100 at (second largest retailer in USA) with the title track spending 2 days as the #1 most downloaded song on Amazon.

AutoVaughn "Rise" to be released early 2010.



AutoVaughn: A four-piece collective from Nashville, TN that's set on making the world listen to them; a concept that's articulated to a fine point, judging by the crowd's inability to resist the temptation of moving closer to the stage. Conceding, by the final song, the audience allows the music to take them where it must. A musical dictatorship if you will...and you will. Most seem to be not only fine with the forced approach, but are thrilled after the AutoVaughn experience, whether live or recorded.
The band recently played a packed-out show for Rachael Ray's SXSW day party, after which Rachael was quoted as saying, "AutoVaughn live is one of the most kick ass jams I've ever seen! And the CD rocks, too!" AutoVaughn recently released their new EP, aptly titled *The Cycles*. The album was recorded and mixed by Brian Virtue (best known for his work with Jane's Addiction, Audioslave, and Deftones) and co-produced by AutoVaughn and Virtue. The six song EP was made available exclusively on and at the band's live shows for the first few weeks, at the request of Amazon MP3's Senior Business Developer, Griff Morris, who called AutoVaughn "the best band at SXSW 2008."
AutoVaughn is comprised of four young lads currently living in Nashville, but the individual members have roots planted deep in the blue-collar crossroads of Indiana and Ohio. Their backgrounds provide plenty of inspiration, as the songwriting on the new EP lashes out at the hardships of living in today's unstable world. Between a falling industry/economy, religious faction, and a world at war, one might say that AutoVaughn has a proverbial "beef" with the current world view, voiced in songs like "Our Confidence," proclaiming, "The climate's changing don't you know?!... Our confidence is almost gone!" Whether they meant to or not, they're onto something... the climate of music and the world is indeed changing, and in more ways than one. In other songs like "Missing Something" and the title track "The Cycles," these subjects are breached in shameless but tasteful pop fashion. The album concludes perfectly with the apocalyptic "Dream A Little."
Much like the character of the band, *The Cycles* EP doesn't take itself too seriously with the inclusion of tracks like "Inertia" and "Love Her to Pieces" that address the timeless battle of male vs. female. In the new EP, AutoVaughn manages to blend the post-80's tension of Nirvana with the brit-pop influence of Oasis and The Police. *The Cycles* is a six song masterpiece that will leave you eagerly awaiting the next release from AutoVaughn and searching for a copy of their last record, *Space*.
AutoVaughn’s career is constantly moving upward and boasts a list of consistently evolving success. Just within the last few years AutoVaughn success includes the following:

Rooney, The Ravonettes, Superdrag, The Kooks, Fiction Plane, They Might Be Giants, Paper Route, Chevelle, The Whigs, VHS or Beta, The Go! Team, Better than Ezra, Rose Hill Drive, Cage the Elephant, Monte Negro, The Features, The Pink Spiders, American Bang, Salvador Santana, Luna Halo and many more...

- 3 songs used in MTV's "Scarred"
- 2 songs used in CW’s “One Tree Hill”
- 1 song used in MTV's "Real World Washington DC"
- 1 song used in MTV's "Real World Denver"
-1 song used in CW's "Vampire Diaries"
- 1 song used in Lifetime's "Gay, Straight, or Taken"
- 2 songs used in ABC Family’s "Kyle XY"
- 2 songs used in Body By Milk School Lunch Program
- 2 songs featured nationally by Hotel Indigo
- 1 song featured by US Cellular (12,000 preloaded mobile phones)
- Music featured by Miller High Life on website
- Music featured by My Coke Rewards for bottle cap rewards program
• Recent press includes:
PRINT - Rolling Stone Magazine, NME, NYLON Magazine (Top 5 Bands 2008), All the Rage (Cover Story), Nashville Scene,
New York Cool, Tennessean, SPIKE Magazine, Hybrid Magazine, Cord Magazine
ONLINE – Indie 911, PopMatters, Music Spectrum, Come Pick Me Up, My Old Kentucky Blog,
The Palestra, RockNWorld, Now Public, Tour Filter, Brightcove,
Nashville Cream, Isn’t It Nice, Out the Other, Listen & Learn, & many more.
• Featured on following festivals and compilations: Summerfest, DFest, RedGorilla, Tankfarm,
Midwest Music Summit, Monolith Festival at Red Rocks, Food Lion Speed Street Fest
• Playing over 150+ shows a year, supported Rooney (2007 CD Release Tour),
The Flaming Lips, Kings of Leon, Earl Greyhound, VHS or Beta, Luna Halo, American Bang
• 38,000+ Myspace friends
• #1 Dowloaded song on on May 14 and 15, 2008.

Colleges Played:
Belmont University
Vanderbilt University
University of Central Oklahoma
US Air Force Academy
University of Texas
Kent State University
Indiana University
Western Kentucky University
Tulane University
and more...

Festivals Played: