Avante Guarde Boulevard

Avante Guarde Boulevard


Super chilled acoustic-blues with a dash of prog, a squeeze of world and a little jazz. Rhythmically smooth, with important emphasis on lyrical quality. Influence of Dylan, John Butler Trio, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd and Radiohead, all percussive world music and Welsh Hymns.


Apart from being good-looking, trendy and with excellent taste, Avante Guarde Boulevard (BLVD) is simply a guy writing songs and music that he loves. Playing a customised acoustic-world-folk sound that is unique yet inspired, progressive but user-friendly, understated despite meaning and personal without melodrama, BLVD is basically nice to listen to. Simple really.

No amount of rhetoric can really speak louder than the songs themselves, and it would be the wish of the songwriter that any interested party would listen, rather than read, and make up their own minds free from hyperbolae or biased ramblings.

Sadly, most modern songwriters are not poets, so BLVD is taking a bold step when forwarding the lyrical aspect of the songs. Hopefully you will like it.

Also it may be noted that all recordings are custom and done on the cheap, but really this is secondary if you are interested in real talent? Anyone can make himself or herself sound decent with the help of a professional studio and engineer. However BLVD refutes this tactic, and takes the “Buddy Holly” line of self-production, in order to get the unique sound that the artist wishes.

There are no covers or songs by a third party.
All music and lyrics are by GJ Probert.

Listen up, or choose not and miss out.

Ok so some song history then:

*SONG OF THE WEEK* "Lonely House"
The mournful tone of the music and vocals hints at the under-appreciation and semi-bitterness of Lonley House. Lyrically subdued but altogether peircing, this is a song that can wash over you like a wave.
However in it's simplicity, there is poigniancy in the echoing of feelings likely to have been experienced by the listener themselves - bitterness, disappointment, rejection (both socially and personally) and lonliness. The idea of being alone as the best protection against these things is not altogether a new one, (see Simon & Garfunkal's "I am a Rock" and Radiohead "The Bends"). Lines including
"In a previous life, what I did best, was making a mess, of all that I loved," and "now I am alone here, out in the desert.."
indicate these feelings. The picture of a lonely house in the middle of a desert is appropriate here. Interestingly, the final thought of the song is not absolute:
"And here I am safe, but no one can make me forget..."
It seems that even with seclusion, one is not able to forget and therefore escape what they have experienced previously.


Hang In There Eugene

Written By: GJ Probert

So now you’re holding on,
Never knew it would be so long,
Hitting home now,
That what you have done
Was probably wrong
You’ve let the side down it seems

Clinging onto what you hold dear
Though you know one day it must disappear,
Missing the friends that you lost,
When you decided to
Reach for the top,
The sweets of success don’t taste their best

And one day
We will be free,
So hang in there Eugene.

Stuck in the pack,
Is there anyway back,

So one day
We will be free,
So hang in there Eugene.

Where Did You Go?

Written By: BLVD

Where Did You Go?
GJ Probert 17/12/04

Where did you go?
It’s be so long you know.
You’ve changed Eugene
You’ve changed
And you’ve lost the knack that you had
And we want the old Eugene back.

Where did you go?
You’re moving on I suppose.
Where have you been
Eugene not to be seen
Much at all….

Where have you gone?
You can tell me what’s wrong.
You’re never there Eugene,
You’re never anywhere Eugene
How long?
And where has the old Eugene gone?

The Party At The North Gower Hotel

Written By: BLVD

My friend Ainsley said: “Hey! There’s a party at the North Gower Hotel.”
Me and Ted thought about it and decided that “Hey we might as well?”
So we pooled all our money and headed down with the assembled throng
And got ourselves some quick drinks in a local club they call The Con.

And it didn’t take us long because the hotel, it was easily found.
Someone went off to find the host and tell him that Ainsley was around,
And drifting through revolving doors to where people were inside
To the sight that met our eyes: a wedding party without a bride.

So Ainsley in his wisdom, decided then to try and save the show.
He got his band “Brutality” to get up on stage and have a go..
(Now totally unexpected – it threw the bar staff for a while.)
Inappropriate to say the least, but then again it raised a smile.

And when the band stopped playing, a mingled hush of silence swept the room,
Was it something about the way they played, most noticeably the lack of tune?
Now Ainsley (perhaps foolishly), assumed the situation saved just then
And turning to Rebecca, accidentally called her Keira once again.

Out in the assembly, a fight broke out in the back row of chairs,
(Rebecca had gone ballistic and smashed a bottle across Ainsley’s head.)
And before you knew what was happening, in what seemed no time at all,
The whole scene disintegrated into the makings of a good old-fashioned brawl.

In the calamity that followed, Ted and I thought it best to retreat,
So we dodged our ways through the doors, protected by a broken toilet seat
And simply by sheer fortune we suffered no injuries at all
And the toilet seat in question was discovered the next morning on a garden wall.


Panic Stricken Action Stations. LP (Feb 2006).

Set List

The Party At The North Gower Hotel
Another Story
Panic Stricken Action Stations - Lonely House
I Will Return
Give Me A Smile