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"Autozamm is a great band which has two qualities which are a surprisingly rare combination these days - they write good songs and can play the f**k out of them." – Krish Sharma, Producer


Autozamm have recently finished recording their 3rd Album with Los Angeles native, Krish Sharma (Producer, Mixer, Engineer) who is considered to be one of the more versatile talents in music today. Krish’s passion, rawness, and integrity led him to Engineer and Mix The Rolling Stones album A Bigger Bang and others include Perry Farrell, The Cult, Counting Crows and Danzig. Autozamm kickstart their year with the release of the first single from their third album, Want It Need It. The new Autozamm album side-steps the more acoustic piano-based tracks of 2008’s Drama Queen with fists-in-the-air it’s getting loud in here grunt. Fronted by Nick Major, and co-founder/songwriter Mike Carpinter, Ollie Gordon adds vocals and bass, Stephen Small adds keys and new drummer Richard Orr completes the five-piece. Want It Need It the album is set for release this year through Let The People Speak.

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A Shade Of Brown - EP - 2004

As For Now - Album - 2005

1. "As For Now"
2. "Don't Worry"
3. "Sweet Love"
4. "Do You Lie"
5. "Down On Me"
6. "Settle Down"
7. "Ways to Run"
8. "You Don't Know Me"
9. "Day To Day"
10. "She Ran"

Drama Queen - Album - 2008

1. "Disco"
2. "Killer Shoes"
3. "Baby Blue"
4. "Closer To Home"
5. "Unto Thee My Lady"
6. "Drama Queen"
7. "Ways To Run"
8. "Long Days"
9. "Mess Of Mind"
10. "Last Waltz"

5th Degree - Album - 2010

1 5th Degree 03:43
2 Breathe 03:54
3 Want It Need It 03:11
4 My Way 03:57
5 Justine 02:51
6 That Women 02:47
7 I'll Be 02:38
8 Waiting 03:43
9 Days I Slept Through 03:08
10 Of The Grade 04:24

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