Autumn Still

Autumn Still

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Shouting out across endless space.
Alt pop from Winnipeg, CA


Founded on exploring the lump in the throat and the pit of the stomach, Winnipeg band Autumn Still grew out of the songwriting partnership between guitarist Trevor Graumann and bassist Bethany Swanson. Since the days of awkward youth roaming the river bank and conversing under train bridges through all hours of the night, the two have bonded over pop sounds from Motown to New Wave. 

Rounded out by the intuitive ear of drummer Roger Arseneault and the catchy synths of Grant Partridge--who joined the band over the course of numerous chance meetings at Winnipeg Folk Fest--the band has just unveiled their debut full-length album, When It Was. In December 2015 When It Was debuted at #11 on the !earshot National Top 50. Flush with the nostalgia of their namesake season, When It Was comes off the heels of the self-titled EP that piqued ears across Canada.


The Accused

Written By: Bethany Swanson,Trevor Graumann

You say you've figured it out
You've crushed every doubt
You've lined up each lie against the wall
But when the shadows are down
And you think you're alone
You find they're still following you home

Maybe if you don't try so hard
It could be easier for you

Well it seems that you've changed
But it's always the same
The good ones are dying all the time
Your vulturous heart
Could it just be the start
To find yourself living off remains


Written By: Bethany Swanson

Eyes wide open, I'm half asleep
I meant to tell you a story
But forgot how it begins
So please just listen to my frustration
In the end

Memories are talent, like telling a joke
Flat, broken and muted or alight with the truth
Just like you Bartholomew

Stringed instruments and spinal cords
Lessons from systems that prefer to blind the dark corners of the mind
I'm not trying to say what's true
I'm just trying to talk to you Bartholomew

Eyes closed, I'm half awake
I'll carry this day in the constant ache of the past
In my bones
Moon's half full, seems to stay that way
Evens out at the end of all of your days
In the end

Maybe it's not for me to say what I'm trying to say
But I'll do just what I can do Bartholomew

Played That Way

Written By: Trevor Graumann

Seems like I've been out of touch again
But I can't keep your promises for you
And you
You said you're signing up again
To get played that way
Seems like I've already got to land
If I can't take the consequence again


Written By: Bethany Swanson

Woke up inside your head today between the cracks and the
swirly grey matter
Where did the time go?
This beast has not become me yet the sour taste and
the constant regret
Where did the time go?

And my heart feels so tired and hard to break

Leave it to this strange world of long distance phone
calls and loneliness
Is this all we'll ever know?
And all the same I drag around the same old stories
from town to town
Is this all I'll ever know?

What does it take?
(Let it go)
Do you think it's true?
(Who's to know?)
Have I ever been you?
(What's left has been and gone it's out of your hands)


Written By: Trevor Graumann,Bethany Swanson

We used to talk all night
Leave yourself behind
Me I'm closed off more
From the places that I've been

We drank til three
Played songs for dimes
Not a hope without
The basement we lived in

It'll wear away our morning air but we'll face it
We'll face it in time
Find another place to complicate then we'll face it
We'll face it in time
We're the next of kin drawing blueprints up for our
Buildings on the beach
Those who dive into it find out too quick what's below
Them and what's out of reach
And on and on and on and on and on and on and on


Written By: Bethany Swanson

I try to collect all the bits and pieces that surround
your name and you
But when I get back to this place that is so small and
whole I feel the whole world is split in two

And I am a boy
And you are a girl
And there is no middle ground for us to meet at

And you make veins and blood and words a fun game
And we know what the other doesn't but still we speak
the same
I shout out across endless space and the planets vibrate
Hit my head and bring me back into standing position

We all fall forward bring the others down
Back where there is no place to land
And everywhere is safe
At home

We take our place and fall forward
Head first to the ground which makes us hear these
echoes as words apart
From their place
At home

Lights Out Before The Dawn

Written By: Bethany Swanson,Trevor Graumann

I cannot believe that the light's out before the dawn
What else would you say when you've pissed upon
the sun
Taking all night and day just to complete a thought
Backed up in a corner that I painted on

You tell me how it should feel
You knew your answer well before
Rain fell no wind to move us
You knew only one door

Who will live in a cave of your fingerprints?

When your last lover silent
Walked across your floor
Ghosts and shadows occupied
The space you left for more


Autumn Still EP
When It Was