Autumn Ashley Band

Autumn Ashley Band


The melodic rock/worship fusion that powers the sound of The Autumn Ashley Band captures the passion of a young generation. The band’s powerful original songs compliment their fresh renditions of contemporary favorites. The resulting sound is an intimate expression of genuine praise.

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Silly Child

Written By: Autumn Ashley

I'm the prodigal
And the idea of you is bliss
But the love of you was missed
Somewhere along the line
Between your heart and mine

I took the best from you
and all intensions true
But my ambitous dreams
They got the best of me
Hello harsh reality

My kindom is falling down
And my friends have all left town
Is this the price I pay
To have it my own way

How could I've let it come to this
I'm just a silly child, afraid of life
With nothing left to risk
Will you be waiting there for me
I'll be on my way and home someday
I promise I won't keep you waiting

I thought I was looking for
Some kind of earthly gain
when all my emptiness
It remaines the same
And I am just the same

I'm tired of desperate cries
Wrapped up in silly smiles
In this forsaken place
Have I forgotten what I dreamed in the first place

What have I to show for this
But a broken heart that kissed
And betrayed its only love
To go and chase the wind

I hear you calling me
I hear you, sweet calling

I'm coming home
Home where I belong
I'm coming home
Home, you're my only hope
I'm coming home
Home where I belong
I'm coming home
Home, I promise I won't keep you waiting long
There at home


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