Autumn Calvert

Autumn Calvert


"Autumn has it going on. Incredible vocalist... great production... catchy songs. Check her out!" -Keith Mohr, President of IndieHeaven


Autumn Mott was born in the small town of Thomasville in Clarke County, Alabama. She started singing at age two next to her mom on the piano or with her grandfather who was a bass player in a country and gospel band.

In 1989, Autumn turned 16 and started learning to play guitar and mandolin. Her grandfather was her instructor, however, her natural abilities were evident immediately. Autumn joined her first band during her senior year of high school. Like many young musicians growing up in the Bible Belt during the early nineties, it was a contemporary Christian band with fellow peers from her church youth group.

High school graduation fell upon Autumn in the spring of 1991. She attended Alabama Southern Community College on a music scholarship and traveled with the singing/dancing troupe called “Southern Expose”. She graduated with an associate’s degree in arts in 1993 and headed to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Autumn began writing her own music in 1996 when she played in an acoustic duo that eventually became a full band in 1999. The experience led Autumn to discover her own personal creativity and inspired her to write her first solo album. She parted ways with her band and recorded the album at Fame Studios in 2000. Although many praised the country album, Autumn was still convinced she had not yet found her style and her place in music. She felt disenfranchised from the music industry and was so discouraged, she quit playing music altogether.

The year 2002 brought Autumn to a town called Florence, nestled in the Northwest corner of Alabama. The region is known as “Quad Cities” and includes the town of Muscle Shoals and the famous “Muscle Shoals Sound Studios” where legendary acts such as Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon and The Rolling Stones all recorded hit songs.

After moving 75 miles east to Huntsville, Alabama in 2003, Autumn began leading praise and worship at Trinity United Methodist Church. She also began writing music again… only this time she was able to tap into her heart and soul and pour out music and lyrics that were prolific and God-centered. “Before this time, I always felt a wall between me and my abilities.” She shared, “God just made a door for me to go through to the other side, and I am, and always will be, thankful.”

In December 2005, Autumn Mott became Autumn Calvert after she married her soul mate, Steve Calvert. The couple started up Aslan House Records and Autumn recorded the very honest and unapologetic album “Be Who You Is” at Sound Cell Studios in Huntsville.

“The album ‘Be Who You Is’ is about not putting on heirs or pretending to be perfect just because the God you serve is perfect,” Autumn said. Her favorite song on the album is the emotionally moving track “Something”. She says, “It speaks to everyone – Christians and non-Christians alike”

Her angelic vocals and fiery, passionate lyrics soar on this album. It is safe to say that Autumn Calvert has been guided to her place in music through her faith in the Lord, and the grace He bestowed upon her along the way.