Autumn Eclipse

Autumn Eclipse


We are a high energy crowd pleaser. We play a roller coaster set and never leave a show without making new friends and fans. We don't restrict our music based on genre formats so our songs have elemnts that can relate to everyone. You want a show with a kick then get ready for a fun time with us.


Autumn Eclipse is the combination of 4 artists Who love to play music and Wrtite how they Feel at that time with no regard to genre. They formed in Nov. '08 and after a line up change with drummers they began writing and finished their EP and Released "Remember The Forgotten" to the public April 16 2010 and have begun working on playing more venues and more states to share the music with more people. Though the EP is out and gives you the satisfaction of Autumn Eclipse where ever you may be but you haven't joined the party untill you rock with them live. so I will see you at the Show.

-Sir Bugaboo-


Remember The Forgotten--EP- 4/16/10

Set List

We will tend to build out set list to match the time we have to play.
We also choose our songs based on the bands we are playing with to play the songs that match with the other bands sound the best for an optimal experience foer the crowd.