Michael Trew (Autumn Electric)

Michael Trew (Autumn Electric)

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Front man of art-folk-rock darlings Autumn Electric. Michael Trew's songwriting has pushed beyond musical boundaries, in the tradition of groups like The Moody Blues, REM and Sufjan Stevens . He has toured the U.S. extensively both with the band and solo since 2008.


 In addition to being front-man of  The Autumn Electric, Michael has been involved in other exciting projects, and solo performances.  In support of  albums, "If You're Home" and "Make Me a Tree", he embarked on two major solo tours (Travelling Joy School Tour 2011- National Tour), and (opening act for Faroe Islands (EU) artist Marius Ziska's US tour in 2012), while three full band tours have followed since.  

        Michael's concerts often include re-imagined Autumn Electric songs,  popular , traditional and world music.  Employing finger-style guitar, keyboards, flute and voice, ground is covered from 70's pop/prog to folk revival, to Indian Raaga.  Many shows are played as a duo or with a full band.

Lauren Trew 

(James Apollo/Foghorns/Brian Vogan) 

Vocals/Bass Clarinet/Saxophone

 Julie Baldridge 

(Brian Vogan/Bucharest Drinking Team) 



Chris Barrios

(Autumn Electric/Eagle Teeth/Johnny Unicorn)



In the fields where the silence

Written By: Michael Trew (Autumn Electric)

Snowpack on the porch
Dogs getting in from the cold
there's some pie on the stove
she jumps up for something warm

it's 6am, it's quiet
tuck me in. tuck me into you
and the time has come for leaving here
I'll kiss you softer than the snow

where the mountains settle down
where the white hills stretch out
down to the fields
where the silence marries you

you're a black and white photo in those boots
and it's coffee, and it's cream, winter comes soon here
and never leaves

Return to Detroit

Written By: Michael Trew

Skeletons of houses, skeletons of homes
all their vacant eyes won't leave me alone
Roll up the windows lock the doors
you're so paranoid I can't take anymore
Should I be afraid of the kids in the street
Should I just look down at my feet?

All the blue flowers, grow in the cracks of the rocks
All the blue flowers, grow in your heart when you talk
I'm going to keep it alive

A guy at the show said let's make something grow
there's a lot of young minds that can't be confined
by this deadwood
Reclaim the neighborhood, reclaim the ground
pumping Eden's blood back into Motown
This special garden will succeed
and they say take what you need

All the blue flowers, grow in the cracks of the rocks
All the blue flowers, grow in your heart when you talk
Andy, you keep it alive

Hey all you sad looking people, I can see it again
Reclaim, oh you've bought back your city with your pain
and today is your day


"Star Being Earth Child" 5th Studio Album (2015)

"Fallen Angel" King Crimson cover from 1974's Red Album. found on Seattle Rising compilation June 2014

"Flowers For Ambrosia" 4th Studio Album (Jan 2014)

"Make Me a Tree" 3rd full studio album (Feb 2012)

"If You're Home" 10 song CD
receiving airplay on about 25 stations in US, Canada and UK such as, KAOS radio Olympia WA. KDVS Davis, CA,
WDVR-FM 89.7-91.9, Indie 100 [KYHY], WFSS 91.9 NPR

"We Breathe the Same Air" EP/CD

"Very Soon the Light" 11 song CD
July 09/ Unicorn Music

Set List

Sets include songs from the five Autumn Electric albums, as well as rarities, covers and world music.

Cover song choices favor artists such as John Denver, Early Genesis, REM, The Shins and Woody Guthrie.

Michael and the band can play several sets of soft music or upbeat, danceable songs.