Autumn Eve

Autumn Eve


Together Autumn Eve create their own poetic confessions intertwined with melodic guitar, strings and keyboard


Forming in 2001, Autumn Eve has had string of successful shows in support of their debut LP and boasting a vibrant, growing fan base. With many great shows under their belts, they have had the opportunity to open up for Waxed Mannequin, Evans Blue, Birds Of Whales, State Of Sound and The Darns. Since this release in 2005 “Songs Like Letters”, the track “I’m At Your Door” was added to the drama series “Whistler” which is aired on CTV.

Matt Barbeau was recently interviewed on XM Radio and performed on air. Since this show, their single “Monsters” was added to the stations play list.

One band mate explains that Matt the lead vocalist and songwriter, is a “prolific guy when it comes to song writing”. With that said Matt Barbeau has gone on to win a songwriters competition for “ Songs Review” in the Durham region, where he was featured on Rogers Cable Network. This isn’t the first competition the band has won thus far. Continuing this stream of good luck, Autumn Eve was awarded free recording time through Metalworks Institute, where they submitted an electronic press kit, which was chosen from a panel of judges from the Entertainment Business Program. Autumn Eve is headed back into the studio at the end of March to work on their next album. There second release will hold emphasis to the evolvement of their music. They all agree that their music has grown tremendously since their first release and they are extremely excited to reveal this next creation.

This is a band to watch out for in eastern Canada's flowering independent music scene.

Photography provided by: Sai Sivanesan



Written By: Matt Barbeau

We’re closer now
you’re a step away from flying free
and don’t look down
you’re miles away from gravity

make sure my eyes are turned around
cuz I hate to see you go
this will all be over soon

someday you’ll know what it means
to lose everything that was ever supposed to mean anything at all
anything at all

we’re closer now
it’s written inside your eyes
I know you’re scared
well so am I

you’ll walk the mile
without me there
I’ll walk the mile
like I don’t care
you’ll walk the mile
without me there
while I burry myself in the ground

someday you’ll know what it means
to lose everything that was ever supposed to mean anything at all
anything at all


Songs Like Letters - Released 2005
Monsters - EP - To be released 2007

Set List

1. Capo 5th fret
2. Where it ends
3. Words I wish I could say (fast version)
4. This autumn evening
5. Radio wave
6. C’est la vie
7. Closer
8. Heart this lion
9. Chocolate (Snow Patrol cover)
10. Monsters