Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon


A world Quentin Tarantino would sleep peacefully in. Haunting, raw, ethereal vocals. Dark, honest, violent lyrics. Melded together together with a natural - flow and ease.


A world Quentin Tarantino would sleep peacefully in. This music is influenced by Mazzy Star, The Sundays, Ani Difranco, Jeff Buckley, Pj Harvey, Alana Davis, and the Middle East. Autumn Moon is set apart from the world of music by honesty and the fullness of the world created by the blood on her sleeve. She's been singing in bands, cover and original since the age of 14...recording in studios and writing for other artists as well as herself for almost as long. The guitar, bass and piano are works in progress but she is a spiritual poet, artist and lover of nature and life. However she is conflicted and confused by the plight of humanity. And most importantly the ocean is at her fingertips. Whether you want a calm or a tsunami Autumn Moon can take you there... it just depends on her tempermental whim.


March of Dimes, Million Man Mask, My Gun, and Wasteland can be heard on

Set List

A typical set list is about 5 - 10 songs depending on the venue...from 20-45 minutes in length. Sometimes I will throw in a cover or two, but generally its all originally.