autumn picture

autumn picture


PUNK PLANET MAGAZINE autumn picture • fait maison • hill billy stew records • Canada’s Autumn Picture interlaces intricate, acoustic melodies with vocal and lyrical sincerity. The combination makes this debut full-length SPECTACULAR, especially for such a quiet subtle record.


Deeply sincere and humble, Autumn Picture`s disarming debut comes from lone member Hubert Taschereau, a Canadian singer/songwriter with heartache to spare. Invoking the snowdrifts and frozen landscapes of the north, his bedroom-recorded acoustic rock casts a warm incandescence across an icy backdrop. The album`s title reflects its homespun ethic, it`s French for "home made". Reminiscent of Elliott Smith and Pedro The Lion, Autumn Picture`s desperate tone and fragile delivery are offset by an optimism that shines through, bringing a glimmer of hope and a razor-edged sweetness to these often downhearted tales.

spending most of his time in his other band called milanku for the past year or so hubert is now putting more effort in autumn picture and is presently recording a full lenght scheduled to come out in september(2007). autumn picture will be touring europe,canada,usa in support of the new album.



Written By: hubert taschereau

morning, fucking morning, why did you come so fast? In my dreams I saw colors that I've never heard about, I was fine before you arrived. I was the hero and I saved her from the flames, I even saved myself from my mistakes, I saved everybody from their ignorance but now the daylight is hurting my eyes, I'm not the hero I used to be. In my dreams, I'm who I want to be.

no more hope

Written By: hubert taschereau

Sitting on a broken chair thinking maybe I was wrong believing everything you said. Mistakes over mistakes and I'm still not learning anything from what I did but I guess it's ok, I'm coming out clean anyway. So here I am having the time of my life just by watching my coffee get cold. I won't drink, it's too late, I guess it's gone and I'm too old. Am I right if I try? Am I wrong if I don't? Will you laught if I fail? Will you try if I win? I still can't believe our dreams have to hide so I'll write them all and close my eyes and let my finger show me where to start. Please rewind the tape cuz I missed the part where I was young and had hopes. There's no more place for hope.

picture of ourselves

Written By: hubert taschereau

Again I'm giving up what should be mine as you're walking away from me. I guess you're too tired to tell me how it really feels to be sitting on top of the world, as you're doing right now. It looks so great when I'm not around and it feels so strange when everyone keeps asking me why I did this but they never ask you anything. The look on your face is very strange and I don't think I've ever seen you like this before. Sorry I can't help. The way you smile, the way you cry, the way you like to say good night makes me wonder why you're still alone. Make it right like you never did.


Written By: hubert taschereau

What if Forest Gump and Rain man were friends, would they discuss about politics and shit? Boundaries were made to eliminate the differences between you and I but sometimes I wounder, are they happier than me? What if I start running, will I ever wanna stop? Let's stare at each other for hours, it will stop our tears from falling down our cheeks it will kill all questions so they can rest in peace and the hunt to an answer would now only be a dream.

try again

Written By: hubert taschereau

What's the point in being someone else when you could be yourself? What's the point in looking ahead when you only go backwards? What's the point of a game if you're the only one to play
I'm still here waiting by your side, You won't reach anything unless you try. Were all old enought to learn, young enough to try, strong enough to climb the wall but stupid enought to stay another whole life behind. Trying will make you better, be better will able you to change levels anf from level to level you will learn, learn to try again.


EP letter to a friend (1999) self released
LP fait maison (2003) hill billy stew records

rootbeer... (2004) ten finger collective
early summer...(2001) dare to care records