Autumn Rodeo

Autumn Rodeo


You haven't heard anything like this before... A benevolent but striking feeling surrounds these guys and eclectic, unsurpassed and especially incomparable blend of pulsating rock merged with the smoothness of R&B glazed with an attitude of harmony and melody that creates Autumn Rodeo.


Autumn Rodeo is a blend of the following:
Elegant tones and delicate, articulate melodies from one guitarist are put over the technical, flowing guitar stylings of another. Sitting right above these is a spirited and potent vocal talent that encourages a peak in any audiences’ emotions. Backed up by smooth and flawless percussion and modified, graceful bass lines create a band striving for their own, original and very well deserved place in the music world. You could find the Rodeo anywhere, in front of anyone, under any label or denomination, and generate one of the most entertaining spectacles ever…

Montgomery and Buckley make their instruments sing in their own individual way, peeling off from each other with serving after serving of tantalizing, pleasing “ear-candy.” Q’s elegant tones and delicate, articulate melodies create a stellar atmosphere while Daniel’s technical, flowing guitar styling's yank the crowd back to earth and commands their attention.

Who could leave out the striking vocal talents? Jason Coahran puts on one of the most spirited performances, encouraging a rise in any audiences emotions. With dynamic range and forceful power, Jason has defined himself as an incredible talent, rivaled only by his stage show.

Ever heard of an entertainer? Brian McClure personifies the definition of that word. Backing up Jason with his own unique voice, Brian works his prestige with his graceful, controlled bass rhythms and the commanding aura of his stage performance.

Providing the backbone of this incredible music are the rapid, rarely unmoving limbs of the Goat (aka Christopher Mann). With his kinetic energy and smooth technique, the Goat cuts through the melody with flawlessly timed rhythm, giving an audience their own instrument of opportunity to move along to.
Want to slap a label or musical denomination on this? Try, you'll surely struggle. The originality in the music and in their technique is outdone only by their ability to take any cover song you could possibly shout at them, modify it and turn it into their own while keeping the essence and body of the song that the original artists have created and that the fans and audiences love. Want a show that you'll remember for years or an album that you'll wear out from overplay? These guys will deliver...


2005 - Autumn Rodeo - 3 song single w/ Take a Hike, Wicked Game, Say it Again
2005 - Autumn Rodeo - Live at the Palladium

Set List

AR plays variations of sets usually for four hour shows that include several originals and several covers. Usually a show is 3 - 4 sets that last from 45 minutes to an hour, on some rare occasions there is no break in sets.
The covers range from Chris Isaak to Alice in Chains.
A brief look at some of the songs follows:
Wicked Game, Man in the Box, Easy, Blue on Black, Smooth, Don't Follow, Just Like Heaven, The Reason, Heaven, I'll Be, Take Me, Sugar, Walking Away, Rock Your Body, Baby now that I've found you, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy, Margaritaville, Hello I Love You, Neon Moon, Pictures of You, Pardon Me, and many many more.