Autumn's Descent

Autumn's Descent

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Fans, Promoters, Internet Radio, Magazines, and Licensing Companies are telling us we sound like a blend of modern and classic rock sprinkled with electronics. We sound like something new and a throwback all at the same time. It's melodic. It's mainstream. It's marketable. AND IT ROCKS!


The music is guitar-driven with strong melodic vocals, sprinkled with electronic elements and yet, very radio friendly. Autumn's Descent has had several independent album and EP releases, and played club & college scenes all over the Midwest and New England.

Breaking into the TV / Film/ Video Game industry in 2005, Autumn’s Descent has already had songs placed in MTV shows (NEXT, Pimp My Ride) and in Television Shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, WB, Disney, and A&E.


AUTUMN'S DESCENT (Self-Titled Album, 10 songs, released 09/15/2010)

BURDEN (Digital Single, released 08/15/2010)

CHARACTER ASSASSINATION (13 songs, released 08/05/2008)

PRIMER (3 songs, released 10/18/2005)

DEADLETTERS (15 songs, released 10/15/2002)

PRELUDE (6 songs, released 10/14/2000)

Set List

Band utilizes four setlists: 25 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute, and 90 minute

Set list material spans the Autumn's Descent song catalog of over 50 songs. Setlists include but are not limited to the band's local, regional, and national hits.