Autumn Shade

Autumn Shade

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Autumn Shade is a marriage of Jes Lenee's piano prowess, gypsy accordion, angelic, intimate vocals and folk-inspired guitar strumming imbued in a heady instrumental ambiance of melodic strings, 3 part harmonies, eerie banjo, and gypsy accordion finished off with the intensely beautiful visuals of their live painter, Derick Snow.
They have been described numerous times as atmospheric, sepia toned, haunting, melodic, intense, and magic ancient folk.


About Autumn Shade:

Jes Lenee'- songwriter. guitarist. pianist. banjo player. accordionist. bird watcher.

Derick Snow- live painter. facial expressionist.

Sharla Ember- harmonizer. hammered dulcimer player. violinist. cookie baker.

Nathan Wright- harmonizer. banjo player. accordionist. xylophone guy. plays everything really.

Autumn Shade was established in 2003 by singer songwriter Jes Lenee'. She created a band leaning upon the raw, image-filled sounds culled from her travels and thoughts. The concepts of intricate melody and nature immediately began the center of the band and it grew to provide into a cohesive form; something powerful that feels beautifully weathered and timeless. The band grew from playing private shows with an acoustic guitar, haunting vocals and hand drums for friends to a larger eclectic sound of 3 part harmonies, melodic strings, gypsy accordion, and eerie banjo, that is still able to remain in that incredibly intimate atmosphere the band so well captures. Since its beginning Autumn Shade has thrived on public performances, with intensely eclectic sounds blended nicely by the band's live painter, performance artist, Derick Snow. Autumn Shade has self released 3 albums and 1 album with the label Strange Attractors Audio House, located in Portland, OR. (

About Jes Lenee'
As a young girl she began writing music on piano and guitar in the Midwestern U.S. At seventeen, Jes found the underground poetry readings and art creation gatherings; it was an incredible experience which caused her to follow the path of progress. After the release of her first full album, Ezra Moon, she began traveling around the world as a nomad gathering stories and inspiration for her next album, Isabelle Has Wings which was released in 2013. Her singing has been described as haunting and soothingly beautiful, compared by others to Marissa Nadler and Arborea. On a live stage, she'll sometimes change her songs drastically, spontaneously going into the emotional and passionate spirit of the music she's grasped, but always retaining the true genius of her work. In addition to Ezra Moon and Isabelle Has Wings, Jes received high marks for her 2 EP's Grandfather's Attic and Lady in the Forest, and work co-directing and scoring the film, Train Tracks. Jes has happily gained inspirations in her surrounding Ozark nature, poetry, love and a worldly idea found in traveling the globe.

About the Full Length Albums:
Ezra Moon is the second release for Autumn Shade and the first album under the Strange Attractors Audio House label. The album is a culmination of a journey through nature, spirituality, love, and imagination found though traveling the world in the last few years. It takes us all on an intimate journey through lyrics heavy in emotional sub-text and wonderful musical landscapes found in some far off land of imagination; featuring eclectic melodies of distant violins, deep drums, a heartfelt hammered-dulcimer and moody clarinets. Written and recorded around the world and in a few bedrooms, this is an album of changes, seasons, hardships, joys and strength; ready to bare itself before the world.

Isabelle Has Wings is the fourth release- "For much of the disc the crystalline voice of Lenee is crystaline and intertwined by ancient magic folk -  this album has invested more vivid colors, even solar ("Rainbows", "Jasper", "Frog"), but with a sweet melancholy at the bottom, and filtered memories of the European tour after the first album ("Blue Umbrella (Paris Istanbul +)"), an experience that must somehow makes her introject hints of decadent sophistication from Central European orchestra (particularly evident in the conclusive "Marionette"). ~ taken from an Italian review at (

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Written By: Jes Lenee'

It’s hard to live in a small stream
When the wind currents blowing
Flowers are snowing
Pushing you back

You dream like you have any meaning
When you’re drowning inside
But your heart is alive
Oh your own true love

And I know I want to go home
But I’m not going back
No I’m not going back
Even if it kills me

And I know I want to go home
But I’m not going back
No I’m not going back
Even if it kills me

I’m leaving
Going to go to the garden
Going to find my way
Thru the storm and clouds
Into the meadow
You fall down the apple tree
But you won’t give up
Until the earth dries up
Dirt on your hands

And I know I want to go home
But I’m not going back
No I’m not going back
Even if it kills me

And I know I want to go home
But I’m not going back
No I’m not going back
Even if it kills

I’m not going back…

Ezra Moon

Written By: Jes Lenee'

It is easy for me to believe
All girls are crooked
All the best friends I have ever had
Have gone to be drowned by the dust
You have been drowned by the dust

You have crept in the tree
Of an old, oak village
I once knew
Before I was born
Oh you’re living on the bough
Of the old craggily Ezra moon

Away I have found a way
To the one I’ve felt for years


Written By: Jes Lenee'

I remember the day
When you ran away
Your top hat and cane
Your pale skin
And your shame

Screaming your house
Walking along
Screaming your house
Singing in red

I remember the stage
As the red curtains rose
You were exposed
To the music
In your bones
Your heart wilted
The earth tilted
Like a fallen rose
Like a lily
in search for water

Screaming your house
Walking alone
Screaming your house
And singing in red


Grandfather's Attic- 2003 (self released)
Ezra Moon - 2007 (Strange Attractors Audio House)
Lady in the Forest: Live- 2008 (self released)
Isabelle Has Wings- 2013 (self released)
Frankincense and Myrrh- Coming Soon

Set List

A typical set list varies on the setting. If playing for a larger group the energy goes up with such electrifying songs like Home. We also specialize in smaller venues for those seeking an intimate sound, with more subdued songs as in Ezra Moon.

Spanish Willow
Evelyn Star
Ezra Moon
Fly Away
Come Away With Me
Lilac Glass
Black Rain

These are some of the songs that end up in our sets which, depending on the venue, can go from 45 minutes to a few hours.