Autumn Thief

Autumn Thief


The Autumn Thief is an organic roots rock/folk/jam band from the Central Valley of California. We are an eclectic four piece that has a tendency to jam. We pride ourselves on being a tight four piece with good harmonies. Our influences range from Wilco, Pavement, Mike Mc Cready, and Neil Young.


We formed the Autumn Thief from the ashes of the band Rosewood. Phil Mc Ilhargey and Nathan Guzman have been playing together since the fall of 2000. We recorded three albums as Rosewood with three different bass players. Nate West joined the duo in the spring of 2003. Christopher Oversteet joined as a guitar player/singer in the spring of 2005.
We recorded our self-titled EP with Peter Wolf at Wolfsounds Studios. He was able to truly produce us and capture the sound we wanted for this set of songs. We currently have ten new songs. We are going back into the studio with Peter in September to record our first album. We plan on touring in the summer of 2009 to support and promote the album.


American Matador

Written By: Autumn Thief

As the rosin bag is tossed aside
The lefty trains his callous eye on The pudgy fingered flashing sign
He shakes off the array of begnin

He nods as the light appears
Eyes the runner and instills some fear
A muffled roar is all he hears
He shakes off the effects of time

His right knee heads towards his throat
His cleat grips the mounds downward slope
Legs splayed as the whip cracks

The razor's edge, the matador, prepares for his final blow
The masses are all on their feet, softly swaying to the hopeful beat
Looks in waits for the sign, to many years on the opposing ends of this line,
Walking off to opposing cheer, as a mantra he say's not this year

The American Matador


Autumn Thief EP 2008- This is our first recording as a band

Set List

50% of 1 Means Your Half-Empty
Reluctant Pugalist
Grown Boys on the Run
Trading For Nickels
Sitcom Blue
American Matador
Variations, Patterns in Kind
Push Pins
She Waits at Home
Among the Giants

Keep on Rockin in the Free World: Neil Young
Handshake Drugs: Wilco
I am Trying to Break Your Heart: Wilco
Cut Your Hair: Pavement
Mary Jane's Last Dance: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Our set can be 2hrs. and 30min. to 45min. depending on the venue.