Autumn Zero

Autumn Zero

 Sullivan, Illinois, USA

Autumn Zero's music is a cross between old school rock and todays modern rock. From soaring melodies with three part harmonies, to edgy, in your face guitar. Quoting several concert promoters, " I never would have guessed a three piece could sound so big live".


Autumn Zero is a power trio comprised of three very seasoned musicians. J.R. Craig (Bass & Vocals), Dave Gregory ( Drums & Vocals), & Todd Bothwell ( Guitar & Vocals). The three share a passion for music & making music. You can hear their early influences such as Kansas, Eagles, Zepplin, Queen, & their modern influences such as Alice in Chains, Daughtry, Three Doors Down, The list could go on forever as where ever there is good music, they are listening. Autumn Zero has been playing across the midwest for the last ten years and has shared the stage with many National acts.
A.Z. has just released their 3rd inependent cd " Mouthful of Dirt". The release is picking up airplay through out Europe and was recently the Album of the week on 92.3 Forest Fm in the UK. And is currently #5 on AirPlay Direct rock charts for downloads for the month of August after finishing at #3 for July.


Woodberry Bridge
Six Shooter
Mouthful Of Dirt