Auxetic Pulse

Auxetic Pulse

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In the unique sound of Auxetic Pulse; euphoric melodies grow while the sensuous rhythms expand with the same organic energy.


Auxetic. adj. 1. increase 2. grow non-stop
Pulse. n. 1. rhythmical beat 2. groove

Common sense says that when you stretch something, say a piece of rubber, it becomes longer in the direction of the pull but thinner transversly. There are very few substances that when you pull on them, they actually increase in cross-section. These oddities are said to be auxetic. It’s there in the unique sound of Auxetic Pulse; euphoric melodies grow while the sensuous rhythms expand with the same organic energy.

Toronto-based "Auxetic Pulse" is a result of collaboration between Ozgu and Ozan, which began in 2004. After having performed together and individually in various bands and being involved in many music projects, the two decided that they were at the point to explore their musical vision in a new way. The result is an eclectic sound that blends contemporary-pop with subtle jazz elements, featuring Ozgu's intimate vocals, poetic lyrics and Ozan’s hypnotic guitar riffs.

Shortly after the collaboration began, Auxetic Pulse gained high acclaim within Toronto's music community. The band has played with some of the finest musicians in Toronto; such as Juno-award winning composer/guitarist Michael Occhipinti (best known for his bands NOJO and Creation Dream), bassist Mike Pellarin (Lion King/Toronto), bassist Louis Simao (Pedras da Rua, Nelly Furtado), drummer Doan Pham (Grooveyard, Molly Johnson). In November 2004, they went into the studio to record some of their original material and came out with an EP, produced by Michael Occhipinti. Since the creative part of the work was done in the private surroundings of a downtown-Toronto apartment, the EP is entitled "Apartment". Apartment was inspired by the city itself, transitions of the seasons, changes in people. Melodies and lyrics sprung from a warm, defiant centre with a sense of constant, playful experimentation. By early 2005, “Apartment” had received regular airplay at college radio stations including CIUT 89.5 FM (Toronto), CHRY 105.5 FM (Toronto), CKMS 100.3 FM (Waterloo), CFRU 93.3 FM (Guelph), CFMU 93.3 FM (Hamilton).

While working towards their landmark album, they invited brilliant Canadian engineer/producer Jeff McMurrich, whose production skills have helped folks like Danko Jones and Rusty make blissful albums; to join and finish the record. They want to remind you that nothing is distant and there is no end to the places you can go. Just keep listening…

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