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"Local Celebrities" LP - Summer 2004

"Audio Variable" LP - Summer 2005

"Subject to Change: Showtime" LP - Summer 2006
single - "Is It Skinny"
single2 - "Is It Skinny (RocRemix)"
single3 - "So Damn Sexy"



Music is forever changing. New artists are introduced to the world everyday. Some are in the business for a short period of time while others create a lasting impression. Up and coming music group A/V plans to do the latter, with style! A/V stands for Audio Variable. Defining the group’s name technically can be a little confusing; audio, which means the transmission or reception of sound and variable which means it itself is a function of the result of a statistical experiment in which each outcome has a definite probability of occurrence subject to changes. Music group members Stan, CJ (P-boy), and Mo can break down their name, A/V, into simpler terms.
“Each element of each individual in the group is the force behind the sound that is A/V. Stan is the smooth talking, intelligent, and confident type while Mo is more of the conscious writer of the group searching for change and direction within hip hop, and CJ, being more on the wild side, has his influences coming from both hip-hop and hard rock. When you put these three elements together, you get this creative suburban sound that is unmatched and also unbiased to any culture, race or group.”

A/V has come a long way from their first album entitled, Local Celebrities, released in the summer of 2004. 2 years later, with their latest album release, Subject to Change, they plan to take what they’ve learned from mistakes made on past albums and channel that into an effort to make a flawless third LP. As Stan puts it when asked his thoughts on A/V’s progression,
“Local Celebrities was an introduction to the game for both parties, in reference to us being artists and our audience. On our side, we were getting experience with actually creating a full length album that year while our audience was being newly introduced to this fresh new group. It was a learning experience for both sides.”

Subject to Change is filled with witty lines, enthusiastic delivery, pounding beats, catchy hooks, and the ability to have people relate to what they are saying which makes A/V stand out from all the rest. On bangers like the anticipated first and second singles, “Is It Skinny” and “Move and Dance”, A/V wants everyone to get out their seats, on the floor, and celebrate the Summer of 2006. There is no denying the thumping bass and lyrical genius in “Is It Skinny” or the insanely catchy hook and deep trumpet sounds in “Move and Dance”. A tribute to ladies all around the world who are trying to get out of a bad relationship is “Enjoy the Ride”; a track that screams sexy, sophistication, and confidence. A big reason for this CD’s new character and classiness is the maturation of all three group members, says CJ,
“We have come a long way since 2004. Back then, we were all tentative to tell each other our ideas about a song and we were even a little edgy to let someone know that a certain word should go here or their verse was a little off beat there. Now, 2 years later, we are all more comfortable around each other and a lot more open. If conflict arises from us being open, we all know that, in the end, it is making each of us better as artists and you can see that improvement in our music. We can hit people on so many different levels now and that makes us unique.”

On your first listen to Subject to Change you will notice that what A/V represents is music for everyone. It’s not gangster, it’s not R&B, it’s not pop, it’s not rock, but it’s just music for the ears of willing listeners. Mo adds,
“A/V’s music is inspiration. It’s inspiration, its fresh and most importantly, it’s real. We are true to ourselves with whatever we do. We do not want to paint an image to our fans that was not accurate.

A/V’s motto is “THE A/V MOVEMENT”. They want people to join their cause and experience what it is like to be confident, humble, charming, intelligent, suave, sexy, but most importantly, true to yourself. A/V isn’t just music, it’s a movement. The word Hip-Hop has evolved onto so many levels. You don’t have to be from the streets to represent hip-hop anymore. If you work hard in whatever you do, overcome any obstacles or people that stand in your way, express what you truly feel and how you really are, then you are doing it the hip-hop way. A/V is going to continue to deliver their style of music the way they want to and from the looks of it, it seems like they are just getting started.