A/V is a one-man synth-wielding, punk-rocking, tambourine-smashing new-wave hot action dance party all the way from Gaspereau Forks, New Brunswick.


Since the turn of the millennium, A/V has been at the forefront of the Atlantic electronic music scene, having released three CDs and toured from St. John's to Vancouver.

A/V sets up right in the middle of the dance floor with a rack of vintage analogue synths, drum machines, effects pedals and an old hardware sequencer. Sweaty dancers crowd around on every side, singing along and freaking out. Fifty feet of mic cable allows plenty of space for spontaneous mischief.

No laptops, no iPods, no setlists. Just pure dancefloor chaos and hot science electro tracks until the lights come on.

Along with the latest CD Hot Action comes a data DVD with all of the CD's original project session files in GarageBand format. So anyone with a Mac can reverse-engineer and remix the entire A/V disc.

A/V has hit the road with: The Kettle Black, Wax Mannequin, Windom Earle, OK Cobra, Books On Tape. And has shared the stage with these fine acts: Peaches, Chicks On Speed, Think About Life, Holy Fuck, Rockets Red Glare, Buck 65, Xiu Xiu, Moneen, Controller.Controller, Giselle Numba One, Mayor McCa, The Death Set, Gary Flanagan, VHS Or Beta, Peer Pressure DJs and a hundred others.

There are three A/V CDs to date. "There Is A God In A/V Heaven." "Control Change." "Hot Action."



2000 - There Is A God In A/V Heaven
2001 - Control Change
2006 - Hot Action

Set List

Plug it in and let's go. I will party until the lights come on.