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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Folk Soul





Review – “BARE” – Ava Wild
Reviewed by Eleni Armenakis

There’s nothing but strong vocalists in Ava Wild’s list of influences—a sure sign of where her focus lies on her debut EP, BARE. Joined by nothing more than a guitar, Wild’s all voice on her first eight tracks, channeling a force.

The Saskatchewan songstress is only in her late teens, but already set to start making her mark on the world. With bold openness and honesty, her first release lives up to its name and her claim to a welcoming energy.

But she comes with an edge too, as opener “White Toothed Bastard” confesses to singing before an absent crowd with carefree matter-of-factness, the sparseness driving the focus to her words.

There’s a sultry jazz touch to forward-looking “King Of My Heart,” which stands out for the range Wild shows as she plays into her medieval visuals, her voice dipping and roaring as it shows off its potential. Then she ditches her trademark red shoes for “Barefoot,” a springing number that adds a feisty bit of percussion to the album, giving her a chance to play around with tempo even more.

“To Change This World” gets a jump on “Melancholy Blues,” Wild’s mournful voice brimming with the first discoveries of helplessness but heartened by youthful optimism. It’s a theme carried over as she sings, “This is a song for the broken hearted, sad, sick and lonely/ This is a song for those who are lost, mad, desperate and angry” before entreating her listeners to better choices.

But conciliation is far from her mind in “Queen” as she barrels forward at full speed. The heroic visuals from “King Of My Heart” are back as Wild once again envisions a future where she is king, queen, and clearly in charge. Tenderness and acceptance are back for “Every Heart” before “To The Moon And Back” wraps it all up with a soaring love song.

In her debut, Wild is youthful hope—it’s in her lyrics and the purity of her sound, but most noticeably it’s in the possibilities that she has yet to discover.

Top Track: “Barefoot”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good) - Grayowl Point

"Ava Wild- Show Preview/Album Review"

Ava Wild – Show Preview/Album Review
The gentle pulse of an acoustic guitar ebbs and flows, like waves breaking on a beach as the spring sun warms the coast. Whispers give way to melodies as she draws you in with her voice; it shimmers like smoke hanging in the air after a summer campfire. This is Ava Wild.

Ava Wild is a Regina-based singer songwriter who has spent the last few years carving a name for herself into our ever-expanding Saskatchewan music scene. Born in Regina, Ava returned home after living in Toronto for four years with her family shortly after having her first official solo performance at Regina’s Cathedral Village Arts Festival. Since then she has poured her heart and soul into her music. Her dedication to her craft yielded her debut full-length record Bare in 2016 and a confidence in performance that is strong beyond her years.

Bare is a wonderfully honest representation of Ava’s music. Warm, ringing, finger-picked acoustic guitar greets you at the beginning of the record and beckons you to make yourself at home in her songs. Those gentle stokes give way to pseudo-flamenco strumming throughout the record, successfully shifting the listener’s focus instead of lulling us to sleep. Shuffling drums interject at times, further emphasizing the thrumming rhythm inherent in her music and deftly accentuating some songs and not others for dramatic effect.

Atop these subtly arranged and expertly recorded instrumentals, Ava’s vocals ring out. Her voice is the kind that is equally at home murmuring at the bottom of her range or shimmering at the top, all the while carrying a sort of intimate breathe and confident heart that makes you feel like the songs are just for you. Take special note of the bird-like ooo’s in the album’s opener “White Tooth Bastard.”

If you have the pleasure of seeing Ava Wild perform live (perhaps this Thursday at the Artful Dodger?), you will be treated to all the beauty and simplicity you hear on her record. Her live show is as honest as her recording, and a quick look into who she is will surely reveal the origin of her personality and positivity. With songs about changing the world, the interconnections of humankind, and simple, innocent love, Ava tells stories that are full of positivity, kindness, and love. They are universal and powerful yet personal and uncomplicated. They are what the world needs right now.

Ava Wild plays The Artful Dodger in Regina this Thursday, February 9th, with Scott Pettigrew.

Dana Rempel - Runaway Pup

"A Marathon Run Through Saskatchewan Music’s Best of 2016 Longlist"

Ava Wild – Bare

Singer/songwriter Ava Wild’s album features her powerful voice over acoustic guitar accompaniment – I can hear some folk as well as some funky jazz chords underneath her lovely vocals, but her music is quite unique. I could listen to “King of My Heart” over and over, precisely for those jazz chords that one so rarely hears in guitar-based accompaniment. I’m thrilled to add Ava to my list of singers to watch closely. - Great Dark Wonder

"Ava Wild Feisty and Festive"

December 12 2016 1:21pm 04:45

Ava Wild
Feisty and festive, Regina’s very own Ava Wild took to the Global News Morning stage to perform her holiday track, ‘Keep Me Warm’. - Global Regina

"Friends With Benefits Preview: AVA WILD – GENUINE SPIRIT"

Coming up this Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, Regina music fans have the chance to experience some of the best live music our city has to offer. ‘Friends With Benefits: The Sasky Music Showcase’ will bring together local musicians for three nights of fundraising; The Proceeds going to help rebuild the Saskatchewan communities devastated by forest fires earlier this summer.

One of the Artists performing Thursday evening, is Ava Wild; she was kind enough to share some thoughts with us ahead of the show:

Ava Wild is a rare treat; a young woman, talented in multiple art forms.

Recently, I asked Ava for some insight into her unique world. Her story poured out as though unable to help but speak in a poetic nature. I felt the impression she has recognized a need within herself to share her art with the world (and has overcome shyness to do so).

Lucky for Music Fans, she happily strums and sings with a sense of wise, well beyond her years (think Nanna from Of Monsters and Men fame). Ava’s varied vocal stylings are quite impressive; at times soft, raspy, and almost jazz-like, other times bright and powerful. Throw a few authentic French tunes into the mix, and you have a well rounded musician!

Ava finds inspiration in all aspects of the world around her. “Music is a very powerful thing, and it is something that you have to fully surrender yourself to. It will tell you what it wants as long as you are willing to listen… Inspiration is surrounding us, everywhere, all the time, you just have to show up, ready to receive it.”

Outside music, you might find Ava enjoying life as many 16 year olds would; Coffee or thrift shopping with her friends or Mother are key life ingredients, as well as the occasional chocolate indulgence. Her family also keeps a ranch in Dysart, Saskatchewan. Ava spends time with the horses, cattle, and simply enjoying the splendor of the open prairie.

aw1 aw2Aside from prairie social time, you might find Ava knitting or painting. She will even barter for good company. “I could knit you a pair of socks, or make you a painting for your wall; if you made me a cup of tea, and shared a conversation, and told me a joke or two!”

Born in Regina, Ava finds a connection with the city around her. “I am sentimental about Regina… my family has created deep history. Everywhere I go, it seems there is a memory, and it is also fascinating for me to witness, and be a part of the city’s growth.”

Not surprisingly, the Regina music scene strikes again, with welcome arms, to another new artist. “As a young artist, Regina offers me the most support and opportunity. I feel welcomed into its community and I am so grateful to share my growth and development with the faces in this city. Friendly and caring people are everywhere, and they have been so kind and generous towards me.”

Ava has given her fans the promise of an album, at some point. “I have come to a place on my path where I feel that Inspiration is requesting an album.” Great news to those who have been following her musical growth on YouTube.

Cautiously taking the time to find her sound before taking on the dream of releasing an album will likely turn out to be a smart move.

Make certain to check out Ava Wild on various social media listed below, and feel free to send her a message, she is more than eager to hear from fans.

https://twitter.com/avaiswild - Christopher Mercer

"CTV Morning Live Regina"

VIDEO: AVA WILD hits the Morning Live Stage as Sabeen Ahmad find out what’s in store for next weekend’s All Folk'd Up event. - CTV

"CTV Regina Morning Live"

VIDEO: AVA WILD gives Sabeen Ahmad the details on her newest release and performs live in studio! -

"Top 6 September already?/ MY MUSIC with Ava Wild"

Ava's a Saskatchewan singer/songwriter who combines folk-roots and jazz embellishments. On Sep. 9th she's releasing her debut EP Bare at the Crave Kitchen + Bar in Regina. Here are 6 songs she considers her favourites./ Gregory - Prairie Dog Meg

"Ava Wild en hommage à Leonard Cohen"

L'artiste francophile Ava Wild participera au concert The Songs of Leonard Cohen qui a pour objectif de ramasser de l'argent pour l'organisme Girls Rock Camp Regina qui permet aux jeunes filles d'apprendre à jouer un instrument de musique. - "ICI" Radio: Pour Faire Un Monde



People are a talking
I can't hear what they say 
For tomorrow only started yesterday
But I know you
With that smile on your face
Will change my day 

Sometimes it words that change things
Sometimes it's actions that need taking place
So you and I will go out tomorrow,
And maybe we can change this world
One bit at a time

 People are a walking across this town
Who knows where they're going on this ground
But I'm sure they'll find some place to rest their heads 
In this world we seem to get lost in

So we will go until we run out of space to walk in
We will ride until we run out of space to drive in
Unless we make a change 
So you and I go out tomorrow
and maybe we can change this world
On bit at a time

People are a talking
I can't hear what they say 
For words have lost their meaning haven't they
I mean we say a lot and still do nothing
So what's the use in even trying
We've got to make change 

So you and I will go out tomorrow
In hopes that maybe we can change this world



What’s your kind of party? For Ava Wild, it’s a dancing around a tea pot with a room full hullabaloo. In a red shoe attitude and a honey sweet voice, she’s swingin’ with reckless perfection.  From the skies of Saskatchewan Ava Wild began to collect inspiration and translate her world through music. Dwelling primarily in the genres of soul-jazz and indie-pop, she draws influence from the likes of Tom Waits, St.Vincent and the Doors. Ava's got drinking songs without alcohol; fairytales wrapped in leather; and an admiration for humanity. 

Thanks to her song “White Toothed Bastard”, Ava Wild has won the SOCAN Young Songwriter of the Year award, got sponsored by Primadonna Lingerie, Blundstone Shoes, and has toured festivals and venues across Canada. Set to release new music in 2019, Ava Wild is a determined and dedicated artist, striving for mastery in her own soulful-indie style.  

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