A Vague Sound

A Vague Sound


The product of an angry farm boy raised on Joy Division and the daughter of a music school headmaster, A Vague Sound is like watching a violent crime in progress. With everything from slammin club tracks to head hanging ballads, A Vague Sound leaves their mark on every stage they play.


Corey Gingerich grew up in rural Iowa and discovered post-punk music at an age where most still riffle through the pop bins. After playing in bands for years, he eventually dropped the idea of playing with other people and formed his own experimental act: A Vague Sound. With the initial 2 albums, AVS toured all over America, sometimes with a back-up band, and sometimes completely solo. A few years later, his girlfriend, Ashley Turbo, joined the mix bringing a completely new approach to AVS' vision. The music this band creates has been influenced by many acts, both old and new. Influences include: The Joy Division, The Faint, New Order, The Happy Mondays, Galaxie 500, Nine Inch Nails, TV on the Radio.
We have played with nationally famous bands like: Moth, the Zom Zoms, Adult, Leslie and the Ly's, girlsRISEwithHEAT, The Finals, Zibrazibra, The Velvet Teen, and the Appleseed Cast.
With a refined sounds and a new album due out in March of 08', A Vague Sound is poised to take the national scene by storm


"Everything You Had Ever Hoped For" - Full Length Album.
"Come Hear Them Sing to the Sky" - EP
"Ex Vague Action Model" - Split EP
" Jianglai" - Second Full Length
"On the Origin of Mechanization" - Third EP
"Delicate Hummingbird" - Third LP due in March of 08'

We have tracks to stream on our myspace, and Jianglai has enjoyed play on college radio stations from coast to coast. Question of Faith, a track off of Jianglai, was featured on a car commercial that aired in Germany, and the band was recently featured on "Chic-a-go-go," a Chicago based television show that has hosted the likes of: TV on the Radio, the Scissor Sisters, and Duran Duran.

Set List

The songs in our typical set list include:
The WASP People
Drop The Act
Lost in Transmission
Pathetic Old Man
Say it Again
Deceptacon (Le Tigre Cover)
Counting Robots
Question of Faith

It adds up to about 27 minutes. We are very flexible about set times, more than willing to play more or less.