Avalon Landing

Avalon Landing

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

We write honest songs with pop/rock structure. We explore melody with a heavy piano influence. We also pride ourselves on our harmonies which we work very hard to recreate live.


Simple conversations have the ability to flourish into grand things when given a little bit of time. The idea for Avalon Landing was sparked in a restaurant in Buffalo, New York and led to the bands formation ten months later in Las Vegas, Nevada. What started out as small talks over a mutual love of music and the desire to play it, eventually led to friends coming together to make it their dream.

The original three-piece line-up consisted of longtime friends Josh Rabenold (piano/vocalist) Mike Vargovich (guitar/vocalist) and Clayton Cobb (guitar/vocalist). The final pieces came into place when Buffalo based drummer Ryan Martin signed on to the cross country move, and Las Vegas native and bassist Danny Jacobellis found a niche in the pop/rock group. With a complete line-up in place, Avalon Landing wasted no time in recording their first efforts. The band decided to head back to where it all began, and record a four-track demo in Buffalo. Once the songs were completed, they shipped back out West to play a slew of local shows; including the Neon Reverb and 18b music festivals. There is just something about Vegas that has always seemed to be the perfect fit for Avalon Landing. I had been visiting Las Vegas for years and when Josh and I were finally starting a band we decided it would be the right city, said Mike Vargovich. The music scene here is very diverse and there are several great venues that really support the local scene it just felt like the right place to make this happen.

The chemistry between the band and the Entertainment Capital of the World has been made quite apparent, and justified their decision in calling it home. Avalon Landings piano driven rock has garnered comparisons from Jimmy Eat World to Tegan and Sara, and a variety of other artists who are known for strongly exercising their use of melody. It is, however, the bands ability to utilize three-part harmony, which sets them apart from the masses. Local radio stations have taken notice of their sound, picking up their songs for play on weekly shows. Venues too, have joined in supporting Avalon Landing and aided in shaping their loyal local following. The band can frequently be caught performing at casinos, showrooms, and lounges across the Vegas Valley; with recent shows at the Hard Rock Caf on Las Vegas Blvd. and House of Blues inside Mandalay Bay. Their catchy sound and rave reviews have made the band a staple opening act for tours passing through and other budding Vegas acts, such as Imagine Dragons; whos most recent show featured Avalon Landing as direct support to a sold out, 1,000 cap room at The Hard Rock Caf.

While in the midst of building their wide ranging fan base and playing all across the city, Avalon Landing managed to record and release their first full-length, Demos, Dead Ends, & Do Overs, in 2011. The creative process grew from there as the band continued cultivating their sound and writing new material. They drew inspiration from their surroundings to write songs they loved and that listeners would not only enjoy but also relate to. This year the guys enlisted Brooklyn-based producer and engineer Bryan Russell (Coldplay, Straylight Run, The Academy Is, Envy On The Coast) to work on what they had been churning out. They shipped him and 1600 pounds of equipment across the country to record in the very home in which they lived, wrote, and arranged the songs. The result of these efforts can be seen in Avalon Landings forthcoming album, Reside, due out November 12th.

This will mark the next chapter in the story of Avalon Landing, and youll want to be witness to it. Because if one conversation got them this far, you never know where the next may take them.


Erie County Welcomes You Back

Written By: Avalon Landing

It’s the first of July
And I can hear engines in the sky
It hasn't sunk in that if I knock on your door
There'd be no reply

'cause I'm the type of person that gets depressed
When I have to say goodbye to the characters
I've met in movies I've seen
When the credits start to roll I want to press rewind
So that I don’t have to leave my ninety-minute friends behind
So tell me how I'm supposed to handle

The west coast stealing you away from me
Your 737 is my enemy
At least I've got this song to keep me company
Hours ahead and miles away
My Eastern sunset in the middle of your day

The conversation that we shared
As I walked the streets in crisp air
Of an Autumn day in my neighborhood
We stretched the frequencies as far as we could
I watched one of our favorite movies when you left that day
You crossed the country, I saw Garden State

We took a trip downtown weeks before you took off
Avalon was found over some silverware and a table cloth
Now I'm lost in the thought that we'll resurrect that feeling I'd get
Ten years ago when all that I had was an empty notebook and a piano

About Face (Radio Edit)

Written By: Avalon Landing

A conversation in the dark
The sound of falling snow
You’re too tired to fuel the spark
And I’m sick of the cold
In January

A distant whisper in my ear
The taste of seasons change
You’re so close you disappear
My silence resonates
In January

Break away Break away
Don’t be afraid
Oh, to change

A slender hand confides in mine
My muse abandons home
Glazed concrete precedes slick tires
We hasten the approach
Of January

Well I’m desperate for the winter
So I’m kicking at the trunk
of an Autumn tree
Watch the delicate leaves
Plummet to my feet
And pray the days concede

Withering and writhed
Is a pale depleting plight
Upon the ground


"Avalon Landing Demo EP" 2011
"Demos, Dead Ends & Do Overs" 2011
"Reside" November 12th, 2013

Set List

Sound Of You And I

Cold Front Habits

No Apology

The Cure

About Face


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Rest In Peace

Erie County Welcomes You Back