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AvaLoon's music is very upbeat . happy and educational enjoyed by children and their parent alike. Messages of tolerance, undestanding and celebrating a child's imagination have softly been woven throughout the songs.


The World of AvaLoon is in fact a real place. Our stories and music are influenced by the people and animals that live on our 300 acre world. Our music is positive and cheerful with lots of humour included. It is also educative and easy to listen to over and over.
Our mesaage also promotes tolerance and understanding of others.

We perform for small groups such as schools through to large Children's Festivals.

We like to include audience participation throughout the performances and give children a chance to feel special for the moment.


Libby the Loon

Written By: Don McLelland

Libby the Loon was on the lake one day
swimming and eating but otherwise at play,
Her friends would fly then her friends would dive and Libby thought to herself it's fun to be alive.

They sang oohhoo, oohaha ahaahee, isn't it fun to be you and me
Then one day coming up from a dive, she saw something on the shore that made her want to hide.
It looked like a rock, no, it looked like a stump, and then it moved and then it jumpe, and then landing right next to her it smiled and said Brrruuup!


Well Libby liked her new friend who called himself a Toad, they splashed they squaked they laughed. When suddenly from below swimming really fast up to them to tickle their toes came a glittering shimmering rippling shape.
And up from the water poked a snout and it announced, I am a trout.


Now the loons the toads and trouts they play together everyday. They fly they hop or swim or notdepending on how they were made. Cause they know you can be different and still get along as long as you know how to sing Libby's little song, you just have to say..



1-I Can Go Anywhere
- which is about how it feels to first experience the ability to ride a bike on their own without training wheels etc.
2- The Kitty
which is about a kitten that is determined to destroy Papa Don'd home
3- Libby THe Loon
which is about a group of our residents that live on AvaLoon Lake and how they interact
4- Touch The Sky
which is an exercise song built for the gym class or anywhere else.

Set List

Our sets are typically 45 mins for schools and an hour and a half for larger performances All songs are original