Ava Luna

Ava Luna


Ava Luna sounds like rock music written by classical musicians, but it's never virtuosic. Ava Luna doesn't care about technique as much as packing an emotional wallop. They'll stop a song suddenly, transition into another seamlessly, get quiet, get loud. It's like Radiohead trying to play grunge.


For some bands, it takes a move to New York City to build the momentum for a music career. For Ava Luna, it took spreading out across the globe.

With front man and songwriter Carlos Hernandez in China, bassist Nathan Tompkins in Japan, guitarist Ari Zeiguer and female vocalist/keyboardist Siheun Song in Argentina, and drummer Julian Fader holding down the fort in New York, the band began recording “Girlies,” an intercontinental rock song, with the help of computer communication. By the time the five-piece group had reunited in fall of 2006, they were ready to begin recording their upcoming album, Lemming.

With dense vocal harmonies, lush arrangements and electronic sounds effortlessly woven into instantly memorable rock tunes, Ava Luna has garnered comparisons to Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Radiohead and Beck. Its lineup, largely composed of classical-turned-rock musicians, brings maturity and insight to Hernandez’s songs, resulting in intricate recordings and exciting live shows.

They’ve yet to play sold-out stadiums across the
country, but Ava Luna routinely draws in large, standing room only crowds at venues such as Union Hall, Luna Lounge. Galapagos, and Club Midway/ and Fontana’s. Ava Luna will continue to play around New York City through fall, with out-of-state concert dates pending, and plans to release Lemming before the end of summer.


Ava Luna is nearing completion of their upcoming debut album, Lemming, set for release by the end of summer.

Set List

Ava Luna's typical set is 10-12 songs and about 40-50 minutes. It usually consists of a selection the following original songs:

- Love
- Brain
- Girlies
- The Rabies
- Disease
- Willamette
- Song for a Movie
- Twelve Cities
- My Summer
- I Want It All
- Spinners
- Fair Trade Days