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Black Magic EP (c2001)(AAs)
Tha Antidote LP (c2002) (Anthony Vex Solo)
Black Magic Vol. II LP (c2003) (Marauder Legends)
Tip of Da Iceburg: Mixtape (c2004) (Cold North Entertainment)


Sound Off by Anthony Vex (c2003)
I Was There by Anthony Vex (c2003)
Where's My Mic by. Kodiak, AgentSpitz Feat. Anthony Vex (c2003)
Amp Up by Anthony Vex, Feat. Cleetus Kasiody (c2004)
Stop Breathing by Anthony Vex, Feat. Ron O'neal (c2004)
Roll Wid Me by A-Vrice, Feat. Anthony Vex (c2004)
F*ck Wid'em by A-Vrice, Feat. Anthony Vex (c2004)
Make'em Bounce by DKMI, Feat. A-Vrice (c2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Our Lives consist of hard times to get through harder times; music is a good release from the day-to-day occurrences but also entertainment through creative expression. Influenced greatly by the streets we grew up in Kal, MI and usually having too much time on our hands has been the cause of a lot of bullshit yet we survive...

What sets us apart? "I just do me, Vrice just does him", we're not "trying" to be anything or impress anyone, it happens naturally for us. Our mission is to convey a message and appeal to everyone through our music something that will speak to the listener on a broad range of levels depending on the song.

That’s whats so appealing to the masses that our music reaches, in this day and age, everyone is trying to be the last big thing, while we are just being ourselves, which is turning into the next big thing. Who better as role models than someone telling the next generations to be themselves and as originators not to be imitators? Avant-Garde...

Our beliefs view good music as an expression of life, with human nature and emotions in their rawest form pointed out by the experiences we’ve had throughout. We've grown up with all sorts of music being played around us, so when we make ours, we don't limit ourselves to anything except doing what the music says to do...

N a nutshell, around 97, 98 some neighborhood kids and myself became more and more interested in making our own music and professionally. Eventually forming the super group known as Marauder Legends. Through the years we went through many changes and everyone pretty much parted focus from the group idea and started their own agenda, hustling one form or another.

Everyone in their own way has continued working the underground scene since. Performing at clubs, house parties, putting out cds, and battles here and there. All the time maintaining goals of reaching new plato's, becoming better and better throughout the struggle... We keep it real and keep things cold, picking up ideas and concepts for songs everyday just living.

Fighting to survive while learning, each man or woman has their own unique but similar experiences. For us, music is an extension of our lives, thoughts and experiences expressed through out it. Feeling life and the lessons it teaches are important as artist, as well the audiences we aim to reach.

We only write about what we know, music is our most precious gifts to the world. Avant-Garde two of the most respectable and talented artist in the entertainment industry, profiting on every angle we can envision.

Avant-Garde was formally established towards the end of 2004 as a Duo between Anthony Vex and A-Vrice, who originally went under the title of The Apathetic & The Greedy bka AA’s (Double A’s)(Avarice & Apathy) Both are also considered Remarkable soloist.

We are currently working on our first LP as Avant-Garde