Avant Gardner

Avant Gardner


Sonics Biggest Crime...


Avant Gardner was borne out of the creation and subsequent demise of numerous bands and collaborations over a period of 12 years. Sick of the constant struggle to get numerous individuals to work as an enthusiastic, like-minded team, coupled with the logistical nightmares involved with orchestrating weekly practises, (not to mention impending ego's) Avant Gardner decided to strike out on his own. Instead of wasting precious time questioning the Why's and How's of a Bands disintegration and looking for someone to blame, Avant Gardner decided to go it alone, come what may, he can only blame himself this time! And so, 5 years after his last ill-fated collaboration, and utilising a wardrobe for the majority of that time as his only refuge, Avant was able to fulfil his passion for Writing, Playing, Recording and Producing. 3 self-financed albums and 50 songs later, Avant felt it was time to take a break from Writing and Recording so that he could take the music to the people. Without a band to back him up, Avants taken to performing solo Acoustic gigs around the City to offer an alternative Live take on his recorded offerings. Attempting to change the way in which Popular Music is created and received from the ground up whilst retaining the essence of what makes a good song think of it as total re-engineering. Avant Gardner believes in using Music as a platform to give an alternative, truly independent approach to Music.


2001 "Outstanding Hangings" 10 Track LP released on Avants own It's Black!! Music label.
2004 "Volumerics: The Study of Volumes" 15 Track LP released on Avants own It's Black!! Music label.
2006 "Vegetarian Performance Art" 16 Track LP released on Avants own It's Black!! Music label.
2007 "The Flightcase Acknowledgement" 19 Track LP scheduled for completion by December 2007.

"V in a T" from 2001's "Outstanding Hangings" has recently been chosen for airplay on Pulserated.com Paul Dutnall show.

"This Hour Of The Moment" from 2006's "Vegetarian Performance Art" was aired on BBC Radio Merseyside's "The Pool" show hosted by Dave Monks.

Set List

Set lists vary but all tend to be picked from a 24 track-strong list covering Avants Solo work over the past 6 years. Typically set lengths are anywhere between 20-45 minutes although they have been known to go on for longer. No covers allowed!