Avant Guardian

Avant Guardian


A powerful rhythm section with fast and technical drums, intricate bass lines, classically influenced guitar riffs and melodies, and powerful vocals along with backing harmonies. Progressive power metal at its best, in the style of Dream Theater and Symphony X.


Avant Guardian has produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered our own debut E.P, which remains unreleased.
You can hear a song off the E.P titled “Atonement”, which is the only song from the E.P that was released.

The lyrical concepts include anything from social issues, to personal struggles. We're actively rehearsing as we establish our own sound, refine our written material, and most importantly work on new material for the future full length CD.

With our new full lineup finally in place, we strive to become one of the finest acts in the progressive and power metal genre, and we have the musicians and the talent to back it up!


Soon to be released EP - "Atonement"
Future full-length album (2012)