A. V. Collective

A. V. Collective

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New and inventive high energy hip-hop over a range of beats from heavy doses of bass to smooth melodic strings. An arrangement of lyrics that stem from political issues, personal inspirations, personal aspirations, and life struggles. Our music appeals to any crowd in an exciting environment.


A.V. Collective started out as Dekin Don solo project with production by Mike V. David the Saint was asked to collaborate on a track, and the group worked so well together that they created three tracks in their first day in the studio together. Mike V and Dekin Don asked David the Saint if he'd like to be in the group, and they decided to go by the name of Abstract Visionz because they felt it encompassed all of their individual talents and styles. After several shows in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area, Abstract Visionz became A.V Collective with the introduction of DJ Enliven. The A.V. standing for several things such as: Abstract Visionz, Audio Villians, and Absolute Versatility to name a few. David the Saint and Dekin Don were born in Chicago and first found their love of hip-hop from programs like "Yo! MTV Raps". David the Saint and Dekin Don moved to Iowa City, IA where their love of hip-hop continued to flourish. David the Saint was drawn to the more East Coast lyrical side of hip-hop and modeled his style after such greats as Big Pun, Wu Tang Clan, Rackim, Canibus, and Red Man. Dekin Don, on the other hand, was into the down-south,west coast hip-hop such as 2pac, Snoop Dogg, No Limit Soldiers, Outkast, Trick Daddy but he still appreciated artists such as Nas, Notorious B.I.G, and Jay-Z. Meanwhile 300 miles away in Council Bluffs, IA, Mike V. bought his first set of turntables in 2000 when he discovered hip-hop/rock groups such as 311, Kottonmouth Kings, and Beastie Boys. Mike V. moved to Iowa City to continue his education in film and music at the University of Iowa. In the Fall of 2005, Mike V. met Dekin Don, and they discovered they shared a common interest in making music. In the early 70's, DJ Enliven moved to Iowa City from Pittsburgh,PA on a football scholarship. His love for music landed him a job at the local radio station, KRUI. Thus beginning his career as a DJ. DJ Enliven found his musical influences to included the great soul and funk artists such as: James Brown, Bootsie Collins, George Clinton, Jimi Hindrix,and Marvin Gaye. DJ Enliven is still influenced by present day artists such as: Jay-Z, Nas, 2pac, Notorious B.I.G, Lil Wayne, T.I., and Big Pun... This brings us back to the beginning of Abstract Visionz- later to be called A.V. Collective.

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Freedom is Mine, Quit Steppin', Get Up, As A MF, Rise of the Scorpion King, Heartland Legend, Catch me Ridin',Back to Nature, Baby Bruises, Viva La, X-Roads to All Universes, This Life, In This Room, When You Wrong, Brick Shit, Hustlin' Pimpin'.

The single Freedom is Mine is played on the University of Iowa radio station, KRUI.

Set List

Our typical set time is 30-45 minutes, but is often tailored to fit the event and can be stretched to up to 90 minutes if needed. NO Covers! All music is original. We do one full set, but A.V. Collective is not objective to splitting the set.
Our typical set list includes:
Shake It
Hustlin' Pimpin'
Get Up
Heartland Legend
Freedom is Mine
Never Heard
Quit Steppin
Grave Digga
Catch Me Ridin'
Prince of Thieves
Rise of the Scorpion King
This Life
When You Wrong
(Set List not in any particular order, and all songs do not have to be included)