Ave 11A

Ave 11A


A rollercoaster ride of emotion filled with vivid descriptions of lost love and lost self.


Walk 3 Doors Down through Weezer’s dressing room and find Jimmy Eat World jamming with Foo Fighters, there you will find the sound of Ave 11A.

Ave 11A exists to exude stuck in head, stuck in heart tunes that are relevant to anyone who has turned on a radio and felt they’ve heard the soundtrack for their life through the speakers. Their “lost in self” sound makes the listener lose themselves in the sound waves.

The band has been hitting the Manhattan scene over the past year, playing venues such as The Knitting Factory and The Bitter End while engraving their name at The Continental and Kenny’s Castaways. With a new album and music video on the way, Ave 11A is driven on becoming the next LasVegas Strip.

With licks that catch you from the first note, to vocals that compel you to sing along, Ave 11A promises a roller coaster ride of emotion you will not soon forget. In the end you will either love this band, or feel like you’ve loved them your entire life.

Set List

Ave 11A plays original material accompanied by cover songs written by bands such as Weezer, The Pixies, Radiohead, and much more. Ave 11A sets usually run approximately 45 minutes.