Avenge The Tragedy

Avenge The Tragedy


"Avenge The Tragedy is a good band with some good songs. They like to switch it up on you style-wise and that is always a welcome change. . . the melodies and hooks are strong. . . I think they have a formula that spells success." --- Steve Nell, Music Entertainment (ME) Magazine


With a desire to put the message back in the music, and take that message to the masses, these 4 guys are planning to make waves in 2009 with their debut full-length album "Waging War!Hailing from Central Kentucky, A.T.T. fires on all cylinders. A killer live show accompanies this young group. Whether the audience is moving non-stop to some rocking beats, or they're swaying to a slower song, they definetly will be drawn in to the experience. The group makes the most of their music with killer guitar riffs that will wake you up, drum rolls that will make you dizzy, and lyrics that touch on all aspects of living life day by day. Whether it be the downfalls, the questions, the regrets, or the gratitude for the chances they're given, they try to touch base on any subject that may speak to a world in need. Everyone in the band brings something unique... from listening to Bullet For My Valentine to Beethoven. Its interesting to see what song will be created next.


April 2009- Debut Album "Waging War"

Set List

Typical set time is 45 mins

1. Save Us From Ourselves
2. All That Remains
3. You'll Never Take Us Alive
4. The Reasons
5. The Clincher (Cover song by "Chevelle")
6. Never Again
7. Million Moments
8. Last Lullabye
9. Shine (Cover song by "Collective Soul"
10. I Thought Wrong (New Unreleased song)
11. Misery Loves Company (New Unreleased Song)
12. Battle Cry (Scream)