We are a hard rock band. We put on a high energetic, acrobatic show that everyone seems to love. We are a family and we express that during our set. We believe that kids are paying to see a show, so thats what we give them. We have a nice balance of hard rock and pop rock.


As people, Avenida are absolutely ridiculous; anybody who's ever met them can attest to this. On any given night, one is more likely than not to find Jon Bernstein, Mike Payne, Jeremy Bernstein, Tyler Gilbert, and Andrew Padilla playing pranks on each other or driving to the shore at 4am to buy "fat" sandwiches. Inside jokes abound with these guys, and with working song titles like "Your Child's Face Smells Like Cat Urine," one might think they don't take their musical careers seriously. That assessment couldn't be further from the truth.
As a band, Avenida are undoubtedly some of the most hardworking individuals on the scene today. With a handful of self-released EPs under their belt, Avenida has shared the stage with acts like Madina Lake, Monty Are I, Aiden, Escape The Fate and played venues like Starland Ballroom, School of Rock, and The Crocodile Rock Café as well as earned a spot at New Jersey’s Warped Tour date three years in a row. Their determination and work ethic is unmatched by their peers; members have worked tirelessly to finance professional recordings as well as a full merchandise line. With nearly no professional assistance, Avenida has sold hundreds of records independently.
With the release of their "Take Control" EP, the Livingston, NJ quintet delivers catchy, yet punishing riffage, skillful drumming, and incomparable vocals. They've garnered attention from dozens of local and national acts, so expect to see these boys on the road, in your town, and on your radio within the coming months.


Take Control is our latest EP. It is the only one we have officially released. The track "Over The Edge and Under Pressure" is streaming on Monmouth University radio as well as William Paterson University radio.

Set List

Our typical setlist starts off with the song Honor Betrayed. Its a hard hitting opener with catchy vocals. Next we usually flow right into a song called Sirens, a song that starts with a clean delayed guitar riff then goes into straight up rock. Next in line is a brand new unreleased song called Out of Reach. It is a poppy song with a heavy bridge. After thats over, we go into a very old hard rock song called Whispered Words. Whispered Words rolls out with feed back and then with a bang we start our pop hit Over The Edge and Under Pressure. To close the set, we have been doing our cover of Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer. It has been a huge hit. Our setlist is usually a half hour. If we are told to play longer, we usually add in either Blood In Cold Water or For Years To Come.