Themed rock with stories of time travel, the spirit world, and our quest for being. Deep words from singer/ songwriter Aven and Folk/ Pink Floyd influence of ethereal melodies. Find yourself somewhere between history and the 11th dimension.


AvenSound performs music centered around the dream novels written by Aven. Each song reveals a piece of Aven's spirit world along with the time tunnels and spirit guides who navigate them. Each performance is not only an amazing musical experience but a saga of time travel, love, war and destiny. We perform with digital background music including drums and synthesizers.


Singing River Story Soundtrack-2004
The Journey Continues-2008
Hear streaming audio at www.myspace.com/avensound and at www.singingriverstory.com

Set List

(Set 1: 45 minutes) Prophecy, Traveling On, If You Want My Love, Down This Road, Sometimes, River of Dreams, Maybe I'm Crazy, White Waves, Eternity
(Set 2: 47 minutes) Calm Before the Storm, Saw You in a Dream, Dreamwalker, Through the Glass, What Do You Know, Dance of the Butterfly, Dancing in the Rain, Born to Love You
(Enough original material for at least 2 more 45 minute sets)