Avenue plays an eclectic blend of styles that range from classical and folk to ska and punk.


Be it punk, jazz, gypsy, blues, alternative, indie, ska, swing, or even tango; Avenue offers its fans an ever-changing, ever-evolving experience. Founded by four long time friends in 2005, the band preaches an undying belief in originality. Avenue refuses to subscribe to any one genre, instead branching across many different styles of music to create a very unique, fun, and high energy experience. Fans of Avenue have come to expect this exciting and interactive experience from the shows, and are never disappointed.

The band is comprised of five members. Geoph Clemmons is the main creative genius behind the music of the band. His musical ability far exceeds his years. The music of Avenue has a maturity that one would expect from a much more seasoned musician. Geoph also sings the lead vocals, plays guitar, trumpet, piano, and accordion for the band. In a performance, his energy is easily transferred to the audience, and the people in attendance cannot help but have a good time.

Simon Langford works very closely with Geoph in writing the music for Avenue. Geoph comes to Simon with frequently nebulous ideas for music, and then Simon helps put those ideas into a more solid form. He plays lead guitar as well as sings backup vocals. Simon brings a joviality to the performances that is always loved by fans, as well as providing incredible guitar solos. His ability to read audiences and tailor performances to them is an indispensable gift.

Dena Brady joined the band in 2008. She sings all female vocals (being the only female member of the band), plays the viola, and piano/keyboard, and also acts as the band manager. The band regularly tells her that she needs to chill out, and stop the insanity that is her continual stressing, but she would like to remind the rest of the band that her stressing is the reason that anything gets done! And she is not particularly into writing about herself—so that is all that will be said.

Micah Hassett is the bassist for the band. His musical style and attitude help create the synergy that Avenue possesses. This is due largely to the fact that his musical style was shaped during the Avenue formative years. He has the ability to be exactly what the band requires of him. He is particularly quick in learning a new song, or jumping right in to play with one of those “nebulous” musical ideas that come up so frequently.

The drummer of Avenue, Tyler Robbins, is a new addition to Avenue. Right from the start, everyone knew that he would be a valuable member of the team. He has an amazing adaptable ability and a feel for what each song requires both in spirit and in volume. His tight rhythms and solid drumming style are a bridge that allows the stories of the Avenue music to be told, while making the music danceable and fun.

Each of the members of Avenue is a gifted musician who might have sought a musical career individually, but in this case, Avenue is greater than the sum of its parts. In 2005 they set out to start making music that both stemmed from and combined each of their personal preferences and knowledge of music into something totally new. They played their first show, the Sunset City Battle of the Bands, in 2006. As will surely be no surprise to Avenue fans, the band took first place playing original versions of songs that have since become Avenue classics such as “Wound up Dead”, and “Jimmy the Nut Job”. Since that time, Avenue has competed in seven more battles, winning first place in six. Avenue has become a pillar of the developing Ogden City music scene participating in the Ogden Arts Festival for the last three years, the Ogden City Harvest Moon Festival for the last two, and frequent “live-music” venues in the area. They have also played for many Salt Lake City events and in many venues including The Avalon Theatre, Kilby Court, the X-96 Live and Local Show, At The Venue, The Circuit, SHO, and others. They have also won many fans in Idaho and were able to perform in The Knitting Factory in Boise. Their unique, danceable style has won them a large, solid, and diverse fan base, and they continue to draw crowds of fans wherever and whenever they perform.

To the delight of fans, after 3 years of intensive writing, re-writing, searching, polishing, and performing, Avenue self-produced its first full-length album, "We're Not a Damn Carnival", in September 2008. A second album is already in the works, and will be released in 2009.


Wound Up Dead

Written By: Geoph Clemmons

Here lies dear old Jack, and as the story goes, it says here that

He wasn't the most faithful of husbands, cheatin' just a few times

Only getting caught once...

His wife hired her, the real private investigator

Followed him around 'till he found his secret lover...

...now Jack is six feet under.

They couldn't pin it back to the wife of poor decaying Jack

Now that he's gone for good, she's living like she should

She got the millions from his life insurance right back

Imagine that.

...and now she's livin' like a queen!

All of her boyfriends are just with her for her cash,

But that doesn't matter much to her,

All it does is green.

Here lies Edna Mae. She wanted to be famous for a day.

She got it in her head, that if she wound up dead

She'd probably at least make the obituary.

She didn't know after she torched her car and was walking home,

Since she was wearing black, a truck driver named Mack

Didn't see her coming...

...he smeared her across the road.

Her family was all left behind to sob and weep.

Always to wonder why her car lit up the night.

She now sits in a glass bottle....

...with her obituary and all.

Here lies dear old Fred. It's really no surprise he wound up dead.

Here in the cemetery, he's forever merry

'Cause his ego gave him an inflated head.

He didn't know that his friend and business partner, Joe

Had just bought a gun, and though Fred was havin' fun

He made fun of his good ol' friend Joe...

...now he's gone for good, you see.

Yeah, Joe took over the whole company.

And never before has there been a more successful mortuary.

Convenient, true, that all Joe really had to do

To cover his tracks was move right down the path...

...to the cremation room.

We've come to the last, certainly not the lease of victims past

Her name was Marie, just trailer trash

Livin' in a double wide with eighteen golden teeth.

When she plugged in the blow dryer and started to get in

to the bathing tub, she slipped up, tripped on the soapy floor.

Falling in, she thought she was done for...

...not so easily. She was not quite dead, but still dying.

The part that's ironic, isn't plausitonic that she choked on dead in the hospital bed.

You see, it was the drink that killed her

almost two more weeks.

And her heart would have stopped anyway, from all the grease

she was shoving down her face.


Written By: Geoph Clemmons

Mr. Apollinox, teach me to understand some deep and meaningful truth
Teach me some lesson that I didn't know before you came along, but it's no use
That I thought of Pryapus and The Lady in the Swing
And tinkling amoung the teacups, laughter that was like a summer eve
Yeah I thought of Pryapus gaping at The Lady in the Swing
Mr. Apollinox, teach me the ariettes of cracked cornettes in my brain
Preludes of Chopin and the radio's poppin', but I step back and see it's all the same
But, in this Portrat of a Lady, and The Boston Evening Transcript
Cousin Nancy and Aunt Helen...all them weeping girls I saw today
Until their teeth were only accidental scars, I couldn't look away
Oh, look at the sky
Oh, the sun is gone, and I'm tired, and my eyes are feeling dry
Mr. Apollinox, some disappointment, I guess Harvard wasn't for me
Some went to Oxford where, where somewhere I heard that I might actually learn something
'Cause all I got from you was nothing that I didn't know before
and please don't tell me what you're thinking, I know that you'll say I left too soon
I remember a slice of lemon and a, and a bitten macoroon
Oh, look at the sky
Oh, the sun is gone, and I'm tired, and my eyes are feeling dry
Oh, look at the sky
Oh, the sun is gone, and I'm tired, and my eyes are feeling dry
They're feeling dry


Written By: Geoph Clemmons

Oh, it's beautiful! Look, can you feel it against your skin? Oh, it's lovely... look how it jumps and it glows. Don't you love it? Where are you going? No don't... oh hell i don't need her, I've got my fire to keep me warm.

Shh it's ok. No, you see we don't need her. But it's looking like you need to be fed. Here's her clothing, it looks like she won't need it if she's gone. Oh, look how it burns so red!

No. I'm sorry, I didn't know you'd come back! No, darling. I didn't mean... it's just that... I don't know. Darling? Don't look so scared! Well the bright side is that no one got hurt, and apartment buildings can be re-built! They don't know what happened! No one knows what went on there...

Well insurance should cover all the expenses so it's not like anyone will miss a thing. Hey, DON"T TOUCH THAT! NO! What the hell are you doing? Give it back... JUST GIVE IT BACK! That belongs to me.

Oh, I'm sorry... So sorry. She won't hurt you and I will keep you with me always, forever... safely. You'll never leave me again. No, you'll always stay beside me, flame burning sweetly, brightly... Glowing, my dearest friend.

Now look! What more do you want? Now it's just you and me. Yeah, that's right, she left yesterday. You know, I think that she'd never be right. She'd never understand. She can't fathom the glory! No, she can't understand the heat... How I'm just like Promethius, bringing this thing down to Earth. Oh, the people will burn by my hand!

Oh and then they will see it, yeah then they will understand all of the beauty, the glory that they all have so neglected through the years. But no, not anymore! And the moonlight? The Screaming? Well it will all fade in the Brightness! The Glory! And then they will all see you... Then they will see you like I do now forever more!

Oh the pyre! Look how it burns so brightly! Listen, the screaming, crying... Oh, I KNEW they would love you! Love you like I do! But look... NO!!! Darling? What are you doing? I thought you'd gone... But turn, look! Honey, it's all for you!

Jimmy the Nut Job

Written By: Geoph Clemmons

It was the sound of the flames that woke the young boy and he was not yet twelve, and in his eyes you could see there were flames and they were flames from the depths of Hell

Now the world was on fire with no one the wiser and soon all the world would die, oh but come to find out that the world was put out and the boy was just a passerby.

Now we’re following Jimmy here to the age of twenty-five and they’re letting him back in the world that the fire cleansed that night.

Well they think that they’ve fixed him up right but he hasn’t been taking his meds and he’s seeing the flames again, but he’s seeing them all in his head.

And oh, the boy was a passerby

And oh, his head isn’t just quite right

And oh, he’s trying to figure it out…

How to put the flames out.

Run run as fast as you can cause you can’t stop him, no one can

He’s Jimmy the nut job you see, “the only one who’s sane is me.”

Now here we find Jimmy once again, this time he’s forty-two and he kept seeing those damn flames and he didn’t know what to do

So Jimmy’s in prison now for the rest of his natural life because he burned the city down and he burned them all alive!

And oh, the boy was a passerby

And oh, his head isn’t just quite right

And oh, he’s trying to figure it out…

How to put the flames out.

Run run as fast as you can cause you can’t stop him, no one can

He’s Jimmy the nut job you see, “the only one who’s sane is me.”

Now poor Jimmy’s dead and gone as we reflect on his life and as we’re moving through his house we see his old decrepit wife

But the funeral is quelled by the screams of a boy (and he was not yet twelve) Cause’ in his eyes you could see there were flames, and they were flames from the depths of Hell

And oh, the boy was a passerby

And oh, his head isn’t just quite right

And oh, he’s trying to figure it out…

How to put the flames out.

Run run as fast as you can cause you can’t stop him, no one can

He’s Jimmy the nut job you see, “the only one who’s sane is me.”

Chanson de Loup

Written By: Geoph Clemmons

G: I can see the moon is turning and I know it won’t be long before you better duck and run for cover honey, no we don’t have long and so you’d best get out of here

Turn around and follow the road down and trust that you’ll see me tomorrow like you always have and you and I we’ll be okay I promise you’ll see me tomorrow dear

Honey I’m so sorry I know that it won’t be easy but it’s one we can’t avoid and you know I won’t recognize your face, your eyes are beautiful but won’t save you from

What I am but I guess that I’ve said it all before and you don’t listen anyway and oh, I love your face so just do this for me I don’t want to see you harmed and you

Won’t, won’t be the way I said I don’t, don’t want to be in front of you. You know this way is better, don’t even argue

I don’t, don’t want to hurt your lovely face, face this and turn and walk away, way down and I will see you when the morning, it comes in

D: I can see the moon is turning and I know it won't be long but this time I'm not going anywhere and so you may as well sit down because we're both staying right here

We both know what happened last time and I won't go through it all again, not knowing if you made it. You can't do the guilt again, and I know that I can't go through the fear.

Not to mention that you killed someone and we both know it wasn't you but even so I can't imagine what the family's been through and don't tell me it left you unscarred.

When you didn't meet me the next morning and I found you passed out with a bullet wound, and lucky I found you at all as I was searching...didn't know if you were harmed so,

Don't, don't tell me I should get away, way down, because I'm gonna stay right here and there isn't a thing you can do and I

Won't, no I'm not gonna touch a gun! You'll recognize me or I'll run way down, and I will see you when the morning it comes in.

Oh, I can see it in your eyes. Somewhere tell me you'll recognize my face, you'll know it's me. Just give me a sign!

I can't run! I don't know how to use a gun! This isn't you or anyone I know. I'm sorry, but the morning ain't gonna come!

G: Say it was silver, and you didn't risk it...

D: I never thought it would have to end like this...

D: Honey, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for everything to end today! I didn't think It'd go down this way! Tell me that you're gonna be OK!

G: Say you love me. Tell me something beautiful

D: I'm not gonna let you go by yourself because this world without you is hell, and I'm not gonna leave you alone. I won't be here all on my own!

G: I can take when I cross over

G&D: I can hear the howling in the distance and somewhere I think this light almost be better than what we've been going through month after month and then year after year.

No more nights of staying up alone and worried that something might happen and I might not see you when the morning comes, and this way at least there won't be anymore fear.

Makes you wonder what they'll say when we are found. We really should have picked a plot of ground, but I guess that it's over and it's done with now...I'm sorry, I really shouldn't make

Light of everything. It's just, I never saw this happening, no none of this at all. I wonder if it's true and if we'll go away like in a fairy tale far away.

G: Don't take your life for me. I mean it, honey, it's almost over

D: Don't you tell me that I better stay without you here, 'cause there's no way. You're gonna make it harder...don't even argue, I'm

G: I'm sorry it ended this way. I love you and I always will...

D: Fine. I'm scared, but I've made up my mind....just realizing that it's time. I guess that this is where I'll see you on the other.....


Written By: Geoph Clemmons

Sitting scared, alone in his room. Was there something there? Somehow he knew he was not alone, so he walked up into Mommy and Daddy's room. He said,

"Something's there". Mom understood, but did Daddy care? He never could. Oh, but his own hair, how it all stood as he walked on down the stairs.

And it was then Timmy said, "Stop! Now listen to what I have said! Whether they're monsters or not, now Daddy, they'll kill you off, dead!"

And since that day, the dad was devoured. The people laughed and all called him "coward". But he described the furballs he said, "We'll, they may be little, but they've got claws, alright!

And with a taste of flesh, they weren't stopping 'till he was dead...and stop at one? Never! And so they left off to the city to see what they could see.

And he was horrified! After all, having watched Daddy die, what would you expect? But didn't cry when Mommy picked up the pistol and started to run.

And Dispach who heard her said, "Stop! Now listed to what you have said! Your mind, Miss, it's all gone to rot. These monsters must be in your head!"

And since that day, the Dad was devoured. The people laughed...all called them "cowards" when they described the furballs, and said, "Well, they may be little, but they've got claws!"

Sitting scared in a cheap hotel. Was there something there, something from hell that was killing off all those around them and then would simply disappear?

And the trail that they left behind them, well, it grew each day...grew by the tens. And the bodies, oh, mutilated so that there was almost nothing there.

And it was then Mommy said, "Stop!" She pulled out a pipe from her bag. She blew them all to hell to rot, and they never were heard from again.

And since that day the dad was devoured. The people laughed, all called them "cowards" when they described the furballs and said, "Well, they may be little......."

The Damn Song

Written By: Geoph Clemmons

G: Well it started at two in the morning with a persistent knock at my door

I thought to myself at this hour what could anyone be coming for

I opened the door to an empty doorstep and the devil called from the night

He said boy come out here and face me so I said all right

When I stepped on the grass there was fire and a snake coiled round at my feet

I thought to myself well damn it and then chuckled at the irony

From somewhere behind me an angel came down and was singing some heavenly song

She said boy you know I could have saved your soul if you just hadn’t stepped on the lawn

Because stop drop and roll doesn’t work in hell my boys

So get your hands out of your pockets and put up a fight

But I had to look back and just see my angel one more time

Before I turned round and punched that bastard in the eye

G&D: Singing down down down we go down down we go

Down down down we go down below

D: When I met you in hell I could tell at a glance that you didn’t belong in this place

You still had some innocence left in your eye and you still had a gleam in your face

You stood there all awkward not saying a word with your eyes full of anguish and fear

I thought maybe Id find redemption if I could get you out of here

When you told me you’d rather not work with a demon you’d made your bed and now you’d sleep

You gave me a slap that could rattle the heavens and one you never saw coming

You asked what the hell and I said precisely now tell me what your doing here

You told of your fight with the devil and the story near brought you to tears

But stop drop and roll never worked in hell my boy

So get your hands out of your pockets and draw up a plan

Cause Ill tell you one thing you and I were busting out of here

Because you and me boy well we don’t fit in with the damned

G&D: Singing down down down we go down down we go

Down down down we go down below

When we got to the office the secretary said that he’d have an opening soon

And she’d buzz us on in just as soon as she possibly could

Our number came up and the bottom dropped out from under our feet where we stood

And there we were face to face with kingpin demon himself

Well Satan he obviously shouldn’t be here Just what are you trying to pull

You know we’ve been having population problems there’s only so much room below

So why should an innocent take up the floor space There’s not even room for a chair well hell he could probably be a recruiter Just having him here isn’t fair

Now with that the devil thought that’s not a bad one I could send these two back above

And hang onto their souls as my collateral until all their dark work is done

You two he said grimly we’ve reached an agreement now each of you hold out a wrist

He said bring me eight souls and Ill let you go and then branded us six six six

Well now stop drop and roll never worked in hell my friend but with eight souls we may as well be the FDNY

And plus well be doing a service Well bring about the end of souls that are evil enough hell they deserve to die


Written By: Geoph Clemmons

It was a night like this

When I first got bit

And he said, "Bud I just saved your life. Stop that incessant crying

Because I swear that dying

Never felt so good."

And it hurt like hell, and I don't quite remember

The next little bit, but I woke up in late December

In a coffin, in the ground

With the earth raining down

And I thought, "Oh shit

This is it."

So I clawed my way to the surface and standing up top

Was the man who just put me underground so I ripped off

His scarf, dug into his throat until I hit the spine

You could see the shock in his eyes until the second he died

So I dug my claws into his still warm and beating chest

And I ripped the muscle out from under his black vest

And I thought with A grin as he let out his last hiss

"Well I could do this"

I don't love anything anymore despite what readers may think

And I'll rip out the throat of anybody

Who ever thought otherwise

I'm dead inside

I don't think anyone knows quite what it's like

No I don't think that they realize

Hell, I'll rip out your throat if you even try

I'm dead inside

I've seen two world wars, the Spanish Inquisition

The Berlin wall rise and fall and hell, I've even seen Zeppelin

Two Lenin's, one music and one politics

And I can recall the day that each of them died and it made me sick

Now I fell in love once before I crossed over

Her name was Lucy and when she discovered

What I'd become she drove a stake between my ribs

And she missed my heart by mere inches

Now, the blood spurts with the beat of her pulse

As I sunk my teeth into her tense and screaming throat

Were almost as refreshing as being alive

I haven't felt that good since the day I died

But if I had the chance I don't know if I'd do it again

No, I'd probably just accept my fate and meet the end

Cause I'm so cold, so alone, so damn sick and tired

Don't you look at me with those eyes

I don't love anything anymore despite what readers may think

And I'll rip out the throat of anybody

Who ever thought otherwise

I'm dead inside

I don't think anyone knows quite what it's like

No I don't think that they realize

Hell, I'll rip out your throat if you even try

I'm dead inside


We're Not A Damn Carnival, 2008
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Set List

All music that Avenue plays is origional. Our typical set is 45 minutes, can go anywhere from half an hour to two hours. Songs typically performed include Cobbler, Apollinox, Macabre, Plane Ride, Wound Up Dead, Claws, Halleluja, (the following are not recorded) Chanson de Loup, Winter, Lugosi, The Damn Song, and Revolving Door.