Avenue B

Avenue B


Avenue B performs a tapestry of soulful ballads, bluesy rants and lyrical acoustic rock, all woven together by Suzanne and Jean's lush harmonies and Kevin and Tony's versatile guitar work.


If pop is Pepsi, rock Heineken and blues scotch whiskey, then Avenue B is like a fine Bordeaux – earthy, warm and with a little bite.

Avenue B came together in the summer of 2002 after Kevin and Suzanne, both members of a local rock band, discovered their shared passion for songwriting. Their first collaborative effort was Wicked Wind, the evocative title song of the band’s debut CD. Since then they’ve put their talents to work crafting thought-provoking and lyrically eloquent songs that resonate with emotion and engaging melodic hooks (think Indigo Girls and the Waifs).



Written By: Chynoweth/Pisano

© 2004 Chynoweth/Pisano

I’ve always been something of a cynical girl
I’ve always had a wary way of looking at the world
I don’t know why, guess it’s the way I was raised
I’ve been this way so long, it must be more than a phase.

You can’t trust anybody, so just keep to yourself
Folks with good intentions aren’t trying to help
They’re really after something, keep your distance, you’ll be safe
That’s what my mama said, though she was something of a flake.

I’m a cynical girl, so you’ll never catch a break.

If you say that you’re in love with me I’ll cast my doubt
If I think that I’m in love with you you’ll never find out
I’ll keep it light and breezy just to throw you off guard
Liking me is easy but loving me is hard.

When I see you’re losing patience, I will break it off with you
That way I’ll have the upper hand and you won’t have a clue
It’s better just to be alone, ‘cause then you can’t get hurt
If it’s love that I’ve forsaken, is it still okay to flirt?

I’m a cynical girl, and it’s something of a curse.

Bridge: Those wide-eyed girls, all trusting and sweet
Bat their lashes and those big-armed boys
Come kneeling at their feet.
If only he could see beyond my jaded glance
I’m a cynical girl, do you think I’ve got a chance?

Mr. Crenshaw had a point all those many years ago
The real world is a bummer, where’s a girl like me to go?
At least I’m not the only one whose humor fades to black
When I fire off a parting shot I usually get one back.

I’m a cynical girl, just cut me some slack.

Lift Me Up

Written By: Suzanne Pisano

© 2004 Suzanne Pisano

When I’m feeling down, you come around and lift me up When my sky blue world turns sienna brown, you lift me up
When the rain is beating down
And I am soaked in sorrow like I’m gonna drown
You lift me up

When I look for truth, but find only lies, you lift me up
When I see rejection in my lover’s eyes, you lift me up
When the night is dark and cold
And bitter memories all I have to hold
You lift me up


You lift me up to a place where I can see
Things aren’t as bad as they seem to be
Where I can laugh at the absurdity
And lose this veil of darkness that’s come over me

When I can’t do nothing right, you shine a light and lift me up
When I’m an apple and the world takes a bite, you lift me up
When I can’t hear no harmony
Your sweet guitar weaves a spell on me
And lifts me up
You lift me up
You lift me up

Wicked Wind

Written By: Chynoweth/Pisano

© 2003 Chynoweth/Pisano

The winter wind sounds wicked as it whistles through the trees
Its melancholy moaning casts a lonely spell on me
Echoes of the emptiness that haunt me night and day
Surround me and confound me with a fear I can’t allay

Chorus: Oh the wicked wind, it keeps on blowing
The wicked wind keeps blowing me away
It’s cold and makes me shiver
It keeps on blowing me away

I’m lost within a forest glade of towering oak and pine
The wild brush and bramble block my way on either side
The winter wind is chiding as it passes right on through
Why can’t I ride the wicked wind and head straight on to you?

Chorus: It’s mocking and relentless

Bridge: But you’d be like a summer breeze that flutters through my hair
I’d feel your soft embrace and hear you whisper in my ear
Like bubbles floating on the breeze I’d let my worries go
How warm against my body would your gentle currents flow

Chorus I’m lost and seeking refuge

But now the evening closes in and darkness soon will fall
The way out of this tangle I am sure I can’t recall
If only I could see a light to guide and comfort me
But a gust of wicked wind has come and knocked me off my feet

Chorus I’m lost and seeking refuge

Counter melody: The wicked wind it keeps on blowing
Knockin’ me down time and time again
Everytime I think I’m getting somewhere
I get knocked down once again
And I’m just trying to hold my ground
And face whatever comes my way


Wicked Wind, a 4-song EP available at our gigs.

Set List

We usually play 3 15-song sets (a mix of originals and covers). For shorter time slots/festivals we play all or mostly originals.


Back to Being Me
Best Bad I Ever Had
Bite the Bullet
Inches from Insane
It’s Been a While
Lift Me Up
No Way Out
One Pearl
Silent Heart
So Easy
Wicked Wind
Wild Rose


Bring it on Home to Me
Closer to Fine (Indigo Girls)
Come to Me (Bonnie Raitt)
Desperado (Linda Ronstadt)
He Thinks He’ll Keep Her (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
Honky Tonk Woman (Rolling Stones
I Saw Him Standing There (Beatles)
I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better (Byrds)
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (Sting)
Love Me Like a Man (Bonnie Raitt)
Love Serenade (The Waifs)
Something to Talk About (Bonnie Raitt)
Two of Us (Beatles)
You’ve Got a Friend (Carole King)
Collecting You (Indigo Girls)
Dirty Work (Steely Dan)
Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones)
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (Bob Dylan)
I Feel Lucky (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
Watershed (Indigo