Hard rock with a modern twist...memorable hooks...honest...intriguing lyrics...we put the fun back in rock...


Avenue F is a four-piece band from Bayonne, New Jersey. Our influences range from classic rock, pop, metal, r&b and modern rock. No two songs of ours sound alike and our music is written honestly with no intent than other to inspire. And that's hard to find. it's just hard driving rock with some fun thrown in.


We are getting steady airplay on WSIA, 88.9 Staten Island, NY. They spin; Suffer Unto Me, I Don't Need You, Hit That Shit and Three Times Over. We get great support from that station and their listeners. We were also featured on garageband.com as the modern track of the day for "Suffer Unto Me". We've also gotten great reviews from them as well. Avenue F has also been reviewed on metallian.com, maximmumetal.com and a few other sites, all extremely positive reviews. The band has also been featured in the Homegrown Spotlight on WDHA 105.5 New Jersey.

Tales From The Garage
Social Outcast
Sucks 2 B U
Thr33 Times Over
I Got You
Save Yourself
I Don't Need You

Avenue F S/T Full Length CD
10 Tracks

Avenue F EP S/T
1. Suffer Unto Me
2. Thin Ice
3. I Don't Need You

Set List

Our typical set list consists of 10-12 songs, running anywhere from 40-60 minutes. We usually just play one set. But we have done shows where we have been the house band for the night, doing 3 sets of about 2-3 hours of music. As far as covers, we do stuff from Green Day, Van Halen, Metallica, etc.