Average Age Statue

Average Age Statue


We are an alternative indie band whose music is based around a concept storyline that was written by our vocalist Colby Swift. With musical influences ranging from Manchester Orchestra to Brand New and a passionate, energetic live show, our performance is nothing you should miss!


Average Age Statue was formed in late January of 2009. The group (Colby Swift, Chase Stidham, Ethan Lawson and Steven Krause), who were coincidentally already best friends, decided to start making music together. Frontman Colby Swift, who already had his solo project 2 A.M. Wake-Up going solid, decided to branch out into full band territory. He did so by taking one of his songs that he had previously written (Someone Stole My Horse and Tied a Balloon to Its Stable) and made a full band version of it. Afterwards, the band suddenly realized what they had and decided to write originals and eventually a concept album. Drawing from various influences such as The Decemberists and Thrice, they hope to continue doing what they love for years to come.


She Was Dancing for No Other Reason Than to Move

Written By: Average Age Statue

And I saw your shape
Dance in the western plains
With one finger on your mouth,
The other running through your mane.
And I kissed you close.
I wish we could rearrange
The gifts that God gives us,
Like oceans that don't flood with rain.

And I am the weaker man,
Even when I hold his hand.
I can feel his lines close,
But he still smiles back at me.

We all die by the hand of our fathers,
But I won't let him go so easily.

And on your back
You had your heart attack
When your hair ran with the dust
In his canyon pass.
I'll be a wall
When he comes back to crash the roof,
And when it begins to fall
I'll tell you one thing I'll prove.

That I was the weaker man,
Even when I held his hand,
But now my dams are closed
And I'm not scared of ghosts anymore...

Someone Stole My Horse and Tied a Balloon to Its Stable

Written By: Average Age Statue

When we loaded up we gathered what would not sink us down to the ground. Climbing down the spine of the ghosts of night and we cried in spite.

Fishes raise their backs then dive down through the black to bed saying, "Beth, your death will make us fly." And I held you tight and you cried in spite.

On friendly currents some sailors asked us to repent on board, but oh Lord, we tore out like light and the passerbys, they just cried in spite.

So breath in me and I will take that breath and blow this up, and the sea will cry just like a hole in a teacup.

But I hope we don't fall 'cause the fishes and sailors and ocean and its all have seen us twice in a row.


You Gotta Poop EP

Set List

Buffalo It Is
Trick Knees and Punctured Ears
House of Sisters
My Wandering Boy
The Communion
Shampoo and Birth
Electric Zoos