Average Mammal

Average Mammal

 Bellingham, Washington, USA

Average Mammal’s sound is a fusion of the best in rock and electronic music. Electro-Dance-Rock or "Rocktronica" featuring hypnotic rhythms and unrelenting energy that are both unstoppable and addictive. It's Pink Floyd on Jaggermeister. It's Black Sabbath on shrooms.


Average Mammal is "Rocktronica" ~ a trio of musicians and geeks fusing the best in rock and electronic music. The result is the creation of something uniquely average. Their live show includes loops and samples which are created live in real time, combined with.dance grooves and hypnotic rhythms. It’s Pink Floyd on Jagermeister – Black Sabbath on shrooms…

On stage Average Mammal’s energy is totally focused on creating something special for the audience, embracing the electronic elements while still holding true to their love of rock and funk. Every show is absolutely unique and you won’t hear the same song done exactly the same way twice. Each show is hand-crafted from the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd, and we think you’ll agree with Scott Martin: “This stuff is dipped in “awesome sauce!”


Average Mammal EP (2011)
Average Mammal - The Finger (2012)
Average Mammal - Hardly Average (2013)

Set List

All One People (Original)
When Worlds Collide (Original)
I Don't Need No Doctor (Ray Charles)
Belief (John Mayer)
The Finger (Original)
Voodoo Child (Jimmi Hendrix)
No More Trouble (Bob Marley)
The River (Original)

We do originals and covers, but we put the Average Mammal spin on all of 'em. If you want a straight-up cover band, please look elsewhere. Thanks!