Average White Band

Average White Band

 Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

Renown for the hits Pick Up The Pieces Cut the Cake, Average White Band has been performing sold-out shows around the world for the last 30 years. While their roots are Scottish, AWB performs infectiously danceable funky soul based on the sounds of Memphis, Motown and Philadelphia.


AWB are widely regarded as one of the best soul and funk bands in the history of music. Though best known for their timeless instrumental mega-hit 'Pick Up the Pieces' the band's strength actually lay in their consistently accomplished song-writing, stretching across several gold selling albums and multi- grammy nominations for the legendary Atlantic Records. Somewhat incongruously, given their Scottish roots, the six piece took the influences of their R&B; heroes - people like Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Donny Hathaway and others - and developed their own 'authentic' sound which was eagerly adopted by black audiences in the US and elsewhere. While a good number of cuts - 'Cut The Cake' and 'Let's Go Round Again'- became hit singles, many other album tracks, like 'Schoolboy Crush' and 'Stop The Rain' became much sampled grooves. Many more tunes, such as 'Cloudy', and 'A Love Of Your Own'- amongst many others- stand alongside some of the finest soul 'album tracks' ever recorded.

The current line-up of the band - this time with noted US recruits augmenting founder members Alan Gorrie and Onnie McIntyre - continue to record and tour around the world to ongoing critical and audience acclaim.

All this and more is perfectly illustrated in the band's latest release, "AWB R&B", a live CD recorded in Austin,Texas in September of 2015.


1973-Show Your Hand


1975-Cut The Cake

1976-Soul Searching

1976-Person To Person

1977-Benny & Us (with Ben E. King)

1978-Warmer Communications

1979-Feel No Fret

1980-Volume VIII

1982-Cupid's In Fashion


1997-Soul Tattoo

1999-Face to Face (Live)

2002-Tonight (Live DVD)

2003-The Ultimate Collection

2003-Living in Colour

2005-Greatest & Latest

2006-Soul & The City

2009-Times Squared

2015-AWB R&B



AWB (Gold Album)
# 1 Pop Album (Billboard)
# 1 R&B Album (Billboard)

Cut The Cake (Gold Album)
# 1 R&B Album (Billboard)
# 4 Pop Album (Billboard)

Soul Searching (Platinum Album)
# 2 R&B Album (Billboard)
# 9 Pop Album (Billboard)

Benny and US (with Ben E. King)
# 9 R&B Album (Billboard)
# 28 Pop Album (Billboard)

Warmer Communications (Gold album)
# 12 R&B Album (Billboard)

Feel No Fret (Silver Album - UK)


Pick Up The Pieces
# 1 Pop Single (Billboard)
# 5 R&B Single (Billboard)
# 6 U.K. chart
Grammy Nomination - ‘Best R&B Instrumental Performance’

Work to Do
#10 R&B Single (Billboard)

Cut The Cake
# 7 R&B single (Billboard)
Grammy Nomination – ‘Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance’

Schoolboy Crush
# 22 R&B single (Billboard)

Soul Searching
# 4 Dance Single (Billboard)

Get it Up For Love
# 21 R&B Single (Billboard)

A Star in The Ghetto
# 25 R&B Single (Billboard)
Sweet & Sour
Grammy Nomination - ‘Best R&B Instrumental Performance’.

Walk On By
# 32 R&B single (Billboard), # 18 UK chart

Atlantic Avenue
# 24 UK chart

Let's Go Round Again
#12 UK chart, #1 Japanese chart.