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"Lefsetz Newsletter"

The only thing that got me to listen to [Averi's] music is the fact that this guy's not involved, he's just a fan, wanting to turn me on to his fave.

I guess by this point you've heard about the band that went to number one in the U.K. with no label, just by giving away MP3s of its music on its Website.

While Sony BMG is busy planting a rootkit on your computer, fucking with your operating system, all in the name of locking up the music so you CAN'T give it to anybody else, new acts not indentured to major labels are using the new media tools to get the word out.

I've never heard of Averi before today. Turns out I even know the band's manager. But there was no big hype campaign. No radio airplay.

In the old days this would mean a band was bad, but today it just means the act doesn't fit the exposure paradigm and/or no fat cat has decided to push the button.

I have no idea of the A&R history on this act, but if scouts haven't tracked this band down and tried to sign it I'm stunned.

I'm not going to speak of their credibility. I'm just going to say after the music played for a bit, I GOT IT! There are changes, and riffs. You can believe. If you're home alone, this record can be your friend.

Obviously something is happening. They're going to be playing on a cruise. The last record was made with a real producer. But what blows my mind is that something this good can still be flying below the radar. As fucking asshole label presidents are looking for fifteen year old girls radiating sexuality to mold into the next two-dimensional pop star they're ignoring real people playing real music.

Check this out. Don't tell me you don't love it. Don't tell me it didn't change YOUR life. Just tell me how in a world where everybody says it's about songs nobody has recognized the greatness/value of THESE songs and signed this act to a major label deal?

Maybe this band doesn't want one of those deals.

Then again, this ain't jam music. This is the kind of stuff a major can SELL!
- Lefsetz

"What Does It Mean To Be a Front Man?"

by Richie Victorino (an excerpt from article)

Enter the hype man:

The hype man, according to the guys in the band Averi, is the front man’s partner in crime. Think Penn and Teller, Siegfried and Roy, Abbott and Costello.

For Averi, singer/guitarist Mike Golarz is the front man “because he has an amazing voice, he’s a great guitar player ... and has the ability to keep the crowd entertained,” according to keyboardist/saxophonist Michael Currier. Currier is the hype man.

“I essentially help to support the front man by ... giving him more fuel and material to feed off of and to keep the band on the same page on stage while he’s off singing to some pretty girl,” Currier said. “A hype man is usually a very colorful character who usually emerges in a group that has two charismatic people ... Flavor Flav [of Public Enemy] is a perfect example.”
- Hippo Press

"Press Quotes"

Get your hands on this album, so you can say you had it before they were considered stars. - Entertainment World

They've got more hooks than a deep sea fishing trip. - Portland Press Herald

Few bands boast rocking pop songs as clean as Averi's. Their latest album sounds as if it should be a major-label debut. - The Boston Phoenix

When you see the whole room singing along with the band, you know you've come across something special. - The Hippo Press - Various


New album coming Fall 2006
Drawn To Revolving Doors (2005)
Direction Of Motion (2002)



Their lastest Boston spectacular packed The Avalon Ballroom (2000 capacity) and Averi is now set to rock the nation. The Boston-based quintet's high-energy shows have been packing clubs and college venues all over the Northeast and beyond with artists such as Gavin DeGraw, Hanson, Matchbox 20, the Goo Goo Dolls, Pat McGee Band and many more. “When you see the whole room singing along with the band, you know you’ve come across something special,” says The Hippo Press.

Armed with an arsenal of hooks and radio-ready songs, Averi has been accruing a fiercely loyal fan base without the support of a label. Their "fan=friend" attitude mixed with a killer live show has conjured up a huge buzz on the college scene, making Averi “the next big thing.”