Gainesville, Florida, USA

A teddy bear with fangs.


Sure. Go ahead. Call Averkiou a “shoegaze” band. But when you’re drunkenly spazzing around the venue with your tongue down some fine specimen’s throat at one of their shows, ogling your filthy footwear will be the farthest thing from your mind. It’s tough to deny that Averkiou’s tunes contain elements of dream pop and noise and would probably be John Peel’s new wet dream if he was still breathing, however, genres are stifling. And these guys hate pigeonholes like the pope hates condoms.

Averkiou is one of the shining beacons of hope in the inky cesspool of downright horrible bands from Florida. What started as the almost-a-joke “goth-horror-punk band” Baby Dracula has morphed into a something that makes music you can’t beat out of your head with a hammer made of dynamite. After two and a half years of teeth-gnashing, fist-biting vexation, the band has finally given birth to a lustrous coalescence of everything they wanted you to hear. Throwing Sparks (out Nov. 11), their debut album, has emerged from the muggy depths and smoky bedrooms of Gainesville, Fla., just in time for you to spend the winter in bed, next to a warm body, wondering why you don’t really want to hear anything else.

“The album title comes from the car we drove out to our warehouse,” says guitarist / vocalist and former drummer Jay Shuster. “It was a 1980 Volvo and the muffler was planted on the ground. It dragged along the pavement and threw sparks everywhere. The exhaust fumes hit the spot and we were ready to play music thanks to the Volvy.”

Inspirational noxious fumes aside, Throwing Sparks was hardly an easy kid to put to bed. “Sudden Death, Over Time,” complete with nine vocal tracks, was especially frustrating. As Brink remembers, “We recorded our songs 654,645 times before we were happy with it.” Backup whisperer/multi-instrumentalist David Quarles almost smashed his beloved guitar to pieces during the recording of “Southwall” and, in the end, was the only original group member that made it through the recording process without quitting the band.

It was only after the group spent some time in the studio that home tracking became a viable option. “We had this idea that it was absolutely necessary to record these songs in a studio and we did that, and some of that made the record,” Quarles says. “But it took us another year after walking out of the studio to finish what we started and, in the end, home recording is what made this record work.” Matt adds, “In the background of ‘Southwall,’ you can hear the sound of the rest of the band being evicted from the house where most of the final tracking was done. We weren’t about to give up after coming this far.”

Oh, we almost forgot. Here’s the obligatory list of influences/way for lazy journalists to describe Averkiou’s sound: Ride, Henry’s Dress, Guided by Voices, Teenage Fanclub, Swervedriver, Lilys, the Sarah Records back catalogue, and a bunch of other stuff you can probably figure out on your own.


"Throwing Sparks" LP/CD (clairecords / barracuda sound)
"Wasted and High" EP, February 2009

"I don't wanna go out" on the VICE Guide To Travel DVD (VICE)
"c-86 me" on #1 Reason to Move to Gainesville (No Idea Records)

Set List

30-40 minutes