A Version Of

A Version Of


Our goal is to play music so good that we would like to listen to ourselves and we use this alternative rock hook as a tool to evangelise.


We've all been really good friends. Three of us started playing together as a worship team at our youth group but decided to go out and write our own music. Our influences are Brand New and Tooth and Nail record bands. We are not afraid to tell others about our Christian beliefs like many other bands.


The Greatest Most Amasing Yukon

Written By: A Version Of

If that's what you thought, you better go and think again. You've got it all wrong. It's never going to happen, kid. You're better off staying here.

Don't stop. This engine's running until it blows up.

Can anyone comprehend that the same hand I said our goodbyes with is the same hand that you're holding right now? Hand in hand in hand maybe, if only you could follow me. It would change everything.

I'm moving out of town and going into space knowing that someday I'll have to leave that place as well, but it's okay.

Just because I'm only one, it can't mean that I'm lonely, son.

When I hold your hand, be sure that you let go.
I'm a very dangerous man and I don't want you getting hurt.
History repeats itself. Still, it's always a surprise. The time has come to learn from our mistakes, to open our eyes. The sun lost its color as we drove to find a life. It's no longer yellow but endless shades of white.

Tastes like You

Written By: A Version Of

This is my last day in this small world; so much family and just one girl who is too attached. You hold me back. Hold it! Hold it! For taking this too far, for a moment I started to join in. The fact is this is the wrong crowd. There's no way out and there is no escape.

We're fallen racers stuck in our failures. Failures we love, for failures we are.
We're fallen racers in search of danger and danger's the cause.
La, la, la, la...

We're searching for love or someone to trust. We're struggling to move on when we're left in the dust.

Though it feels like you need her, believe me, you don't. They'll backstab you, son, with a knife or a needle. It's still going to hurt and in the end, what did you gain from falling in love?

Holding on isn't always the best thing or having to realize others have feelings too. If you're lying, you're hurting them more than this hurting you.
Must we go over this over and over again?
You'll make it through.
I believe in YOU!

Call Me Mr. Desperate

Written By: A Version Of

Why, "Why me?" Why not "us?" It has been two months, too much, to date. Do you recognise me from the dreams- from your dreams? When do I wake up? This one has carried on for too long, forever. Well, say you woke up and still had years to come, would there be relief or disappointment?

You see, this happens all too often and it is not sweet: feeling desperate, marching, pushing. Who is not waiting for theirs to come true as the voice is repeating, "When will we find our hopes again?"

Since the oath, you should know it has been two months, too much, to date, and I have broken most of the promises in-between. On grey nights, I wake up with those stanchions from your slow songs and verses. So if I woke up and still had years to come, I swear I would die of disappointment.

When we are fighting, we are together. You are ignoring me while I am there for you. So what if the world could tear us apart with the winds and the rain outside of your house! We will dream of escaping these painful neighborhoods. Nothing is ever going to happen. Hard days make me believe in hell, that Earth's core is nothing more than demons and spirits reaching out for control. When I die, then you will believe...


First EP will be out on up on our page December 2008

Set List

Call Me Mr. Desperate
Tastes like You
Art from the Troubled Mind
One Last Raindrop
Your Kingdom and I

Usually 30min.