Avery County

Avery County


Avery County is committed to the sound and image of old school "Baltimore Barroom" bluegrass with original and obscure material and in your face kick you in the teeth stage shows. Not to mention young charming and good looking....


Avery County is a new touring band of seasoned professional musicians playing in the style of pioneers like Charlie Moore, Red Allen, and Jimmy Martin and bringing back the entertainment factor in bluegrass music. And the spirit of Baltimore Bar room bluegrass where good women and better music was king. The band took it's name from the 1978 title of a Charlie Moore album citing their strong influence from Charlie Moore. The band felt it was important to point to the man that had a profound impact on all of the members in the group. They were raised on the diet of bluegrass. They are from the heart of bluegrass country. But they are young,energetic,with a bit of a wild streak and wanting to take the REAL lonesome sound to a new and younger audience. Recently at an appearance on Broadway in Nashville TN they were refered to as the "Ramones of bluegrass." They sing and play with a honky tonk bar room edge. They sing and play with a honky tonk bar room edge.They play Baltimore barroom bluegrass. What is that you may ask? It is music with an edge. Soul. Singing for your dinner and maybe a drink if you are lucky. Cries from the depths of hell and despair from too many pills and bad cheeseburgers.
The bands members have toured with bluegrass greats such as Audie Blaylock, Karl Shiflett and the Big Country Show, and a 9 year stint with the hard edged James King Band.
Their songs delve into the darker side of life that bluegrass was meant to explore but groups have shied away from lately.
They aren't afraid of alcohol,cheating,murder, and even redemption. Powerful originals mixed dark obscure bluegrass from the Baltimore/D.C. honky tonk bluegrass scene of the 1960's.
Influenced heavily by Charlie Moore,Buzz Busby,Red Allen, Frank Wakefield, Dee Gunter, Walter Hensley,Carter Stanley, the band feels every note they play and sing and relays that to the audience in a way that only a true bluegrass experience can bring.
They can even bring a little joy with just the guitar and mandolin with the old time gospel sound.


Recording credits for members of the band include:

"Bed by the window"- James King Band
"Thirty years of Farming"-James King Band
"Mama lives in paradise"-Mitch Harrell
"Ain't god good"- Paul Williams
"Purgatory Mtn"- Jackass Flats
"Now Showing"-Heather Berry
"Carolina Calling"-New Classic Grass
"Bluegrass Piedmont style"- Misty Valley Boys

Set List

Avery County can perform over 4 sets of music a sample set:

Set 1
Opening theme
Me and the jukebox
Lorena go home
How can it be?
Little Blossom
New Camptown Races
She's doing who knows with who knows
Have you come to say goodbye
Don't worry about me when i'm gone
Another way to live
Don't lie to me
Green Mtn Hop
Upstairs in the bedroom
It's a wonderful world outside
You don't know the blues
How's the view from the bottom of the sea?
She's no angel
Fill er up bartender
Get up john